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Monday, August 26, 2013

Three Rays of Inspiring Magick

Well Christopher has went and done it again, he wrote another awesome book. Basing this book on a theory put forward by Helena Blavatsky in Theosophy and later expounded upon by Alice Bailey Christopher explains how we too can use the three rays to improve or use for or own magic. Theosophy is based primarily on Eastern Philosophy and mysticism and translated into modern western terms. Theosophy is also one of the building blocks for Modern Ceremonial Magic and present day Wicca. Most people are very unaware of this. I would recommend studying up on theosophy especially in light of the fact that Wicca is changing rather rapidly in Neo-Wicca and a lot is changing. What this book does is to weave various different strands into a system of magic that has bits and and pieces from Modern Ceremonial Magick, Shamanism, Kundalini, Hinduism, traditional British witchcraft and Conjure Magick. This book has lots of information and the author Christopher Penczak is well read and well studied. A lot of information though can be both a good thing and a bad thing. As stated in the introduction modern witches today have a huge bag of tricks or tools to choose from but they do not always work well or go together in a working philosophy or theology. The first ¾ of the book reads rather smoothly and everything seems systematic and useable but after75% of the book the reader feels over whelmed and swamped with just too much information and once again taken from many threads that are attached to the philopsy of the three ways. The three rays of Theosophy are three in number. The first one is read and it represents will. This ray is normally associated with warriors and kings and is meant to embody true purpose. In modern times this translates into politicians, explorers and executives. Since this is will this will normally correspond to working with angels. Angel work is done in Enochian or Ceremonial Magick. The second ray is that of love and is the color of blue and corresponds to Christ like love which is healing all accepting. The third ray is yellow and it represents intelligence. Since there are three rays one will not be syurprised that everything goes by threes in this book. The Goddess can be described in three and as can deity in general. Pulling from Modern Druidic Religion. Oak trees are strong and powerful and works with will , sky gods and Kings. Ash has association with Faery Realms. The Ash which acts as a gateway between our world and the spirits is used for intelligence. Hence the names Straight Path, Bent Path and Crooked path correspond in 123 order. Spiritual anatomy both within ourselves and without happens of a level of three. We are seen a a microcosm of the universe. As Above so below. If we want to effect change then we must be prepared to make changes internally in our own consciousness and energy system before we can hope to have them manifest in the outer world. The three worlds we are used to are the upper world of Gods and Angels, the Middle Earth being where we live and the lower world which consist of the world of the dead. It corresponds well with trees who have branches reaching to the heavens , trunk place in our present world and the roots going down to the underworld. The book makes full use of techniques from Kabballah, Druididism and Faery lore . There are mediations and rituals which one will find very use ful. The information can get over whelming but worth the read.

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