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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Three Wisemen

Buddha, Christ, Merlin: Three Wise Men for Our AgeBuddha, Christ, Merlin: Three Wise Men for Our Age by Christopher Penczak
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Written with an open mind and based somewhat on Theosophical writing. Three rays constitute spirituality and they are gold for wisdom, red for power and blue for love. Buddha stood for wisdom and represent detachment from the material world. Jesus represented love and his color was blue. Merlin was red for power.

A biography on each is included and for Jesus and Buddha there is inclusion of rituals. Over all great book I would question some of the facts. For example I question whether Jesus was really and essene Jew. Some scholarly opinion supports him being a a Pharisee. I did find some typographical errors in the text mostly spelling. I found that he did a good job for sourcing his Merlin material but for the other chapters on Jesus and Buddha I did not find such. There was no bibliography either. Such a great book as this could only be enhanced with a proper bibliography.

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