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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Goddess Arrive. The Making of a Myth

A Goddess ArrivesA Goddess Arrives by Gerald B. Gardner
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What is your take on reincarnation? Do you believe that groups of people can reincarnate together in groups based on who they knew in their past lives? Or does the soul move on to Heaven, Hell or purgatory after the physical body dies away?
Set in London during the 1930’s and 40’s , Robert Denvers is having marital troubles with his wife Mina. She is having an affair with a man named Hank Heyworth a person involved in the legal system. Denvers himself is an archaeologist with some intense psychic ability. Hank from some unknown reason hates Denvers with a passion. His reason behind stealing Mina away has not so much to do with his attraction for the woman but rather for some unknown hatred against Denvers.
Needless to say the impact of the affair is devastating and Denvers still loves Mina and has ultimate faith in her. Denvers can see things clearly in a visualization down to the nearest detail. He can also read the thought of people while stuck in his vision. Before zoning off into a deep trance, Denvers is examining a Cypriot Temple while clutching hold of a Golden Snail.
Flash back to a dream of the past life or just a day dream that lasts for two weeks. Cyprus is under occupation from Egypt. Many of the countries on that island have fallen to to Egyptian might, except for Karpass. Before the onslaught there is much debate as to whether Egypt will try to over take them. Denvers is cast as Kiranyas, Hank becomes the traitor Hange. Ereli a mercenary is granted kingship by the council. Kinyras and his brother Zadoug are in charge of constructing a wall and military strategy to keep the invading Egyptians out. While spying out Adirgha , Zadoug learns knowledge of a princess held in bondage , and of her escape.
No sooner does Zadoug come home bearing news that Dayonis the pricess arrives at the kingdom’s gates stark naked with Egyptian forces hot on her tail. In company with Kinyras and his soldiers she fights bravely against the Egyptians. She is given admission into the kingdom and into a secret brotherhood of warrior. Mean while hange maneuvers against the Karpassians by spreading rumor that Dayonis is a witch. Ereli, Dayonis and Kinyras have their hands full stopping Hange’s intrigues. At one point Dayanis and Kinyras are forced to flee. They embark on military raid against the Egyptians and fight side by side. Later they will escape to Aghirda and bet married under the auspices of a fictitious god named Jaske. Jaske is an earthquake god who is the patronof Daynis and the Aghirdans. Through out this adventure Kinyras will escape Egyptian capture, meet royal kindred in Paphos. Dayanis become elevated to Goddess status.
But the battle goes on life after life. Will good prevail or evil prevail. You find out.
Gerald Gardner wa s the founder of Modern Wicca, and has written two book of fiction both of which I enjoyed reading immensely. Too bad he did not produce more, he comes up with great stories and plotn lines. Had he focused on this he could have become a famous writer. The book does need some editing. The language can be hard to understand and there are spelling errors and typos.

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