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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Realm of the Dragon Royalty

Realm of the Ring Lords: The Myth and Magic of the Grail QuestRealm of the Ring Lords: The Myth and Magic of the Grail Quest by Laurence Gardner
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I read into this book hoping to delve further into the mytho's of JRR Tolkien's Legenderium. The book sort of did that and yet it also opened up several other doorways for further exploration. The book also covered some ground with the grail mythos. If you are looking for something entirely new on Tolkien you will find yourself surprised with some new revelations. The Grail mysteries go further back as well, they go back all the way to the Middle East.

The book covers a lot of territory. First let us address the Ringlords. All the way back in Sumeria carrying a ring or a torque was a sign of sovereignty. Some symbols of sovereignty included the snake and the dragon, both of which were called serpents. The snake represented wisdom in ancient times and the circle represented wholeness. The Sumerian Gods had a council of 9 deities with Anu being the most senior. Each of them had a ring, totally nine rings with one to rule them all. Anu held the master ring.One ring to rule them all. Sound familiar? Let us look at Odin who ruled from Asgard. He controlled 9 realms and he also had a magic ring. There was also a sword stuck in tree for a hero to pull out, the Norse had a strong influence on the King Arthur story. Actually Odin got his ring from Andvari, a dwarf, in time he lost it and a fish swallowed it. Later on it was found by Sigurd the son of an ousted sovereign. He battle a dragon called fafnir to redeem treasure. One of the things he takes is a ring, a magic ring. He ends up giving it to a Valkyrie that he awakens.But the ring is cursed and in time he forget his vow to the Valkyrie and marries a princess. Later through treachery Sigurd is slain and the Valkyrie joins him on the funeral pyre. The princess gets the ring but end up drowning herself with it in her possession. The ring returns to it's source. For Tolkien fan's this will definitely ring a bell.

Magic swords seems to carry the day as King Arthur has Exacalibur. There was a magic sword in Lord of the Rings but it must be put back together. Now the grail also figures well in the Aurthur mythos. We have heard it before in Dan Brown's book. It refers to the womb of Mary Magdalene, Jesus's wife. She gave birth to her child in France. This book continues with that theory and goes back even further. Apparently sovereignty was determined by the mother. The children from their womb was holy. Mary or the Sumerian Mary referred to these ladies and their was a priesthood of ladies who were connected to the water. Hence the legends of nymphs and mermaid or merry maids. Priestess line and princess line. Brothers made sure in Ancient Egypt to marry their sisters or half sisters to keep the bloodline going. Who were these women descended from why of course Tiamat the dragon queen ruler of the depth. Goddesses like Kalimath and Lilith came after her. These people were part of a royal family that had thrones in France,Ireland, Sumeria, Egypt and ancient Israel. They were called the Dragon Kings and according to this book they were anointed with the fat of Komodo dragons.

This family of enlightened monarchy would eventually fall. The Roman Empire never liked them much as they stood in the way of their world domination. The Catholic Church their successor retained this hatred. To get rid of the Dragon Kings the Catholic Church manipulated things behind the scenes and came up with a brilliant forgery called "The Donation of Constantine" Where in the Church was given powers to anoint leader. It was a fake and was used to knock down sovereignty of the Dragon kings. In this book you will learn about the Stewarts of Scotland,Merovingians of Southern France, the line of David and how the Church manipulated things to get them out of power.

Where did these dragon kings come from? Sumerian sources say from the North or from the Heaven. Could be aliens or a more advanced civilization. Scientist always knew the Sumerians came from somewhere else and moved into what we call today Iraq. It seems readily apparent that they came from somewhere in Central Europe near Transylvania. They wore armor that looked like Dragon scale. From them came the Kassites,Fir Bolgs and the Tuatha D dannan.Sumerians style writing that predates Sumeria by thousands of years was found their. Mummies were found in Central Europe that resembled those of Ancient Egypt. Some were also found in Monglolia and the bodies well preserved looked Central European. The people who came out of Transylvania were called the Yallanu or Woodland Lords. Their influence would stretch across the known world.

The Merovingian hold out in Southern France was were the line continued to live as did the ideology. The people their called the Cathars held the feminine divine to the highest belief. In fact the Catholic Church had the Albigensian crusade their and killed off the Cathars. Albi actually refers to elf. These dragon kings were also called the elf kings or the shining ones. Elfs were not tiny people in fairy tales they were real people. Fairy tales were written to both conceal the truth from the uninitiated and spread the truth to those who knew how to read them. The druid were the priests and they represented the wisdom of the snake.

The book is an amazing read. You will learn the back stories to King Aurthur,Robin Hood, Stewarts Scotland, and the Merovingian of Europe . I found it enjoyable. May details were left out as the review was getting long. I would say that good sections of the book can be verified through independent research. Some of if I take with a grain of salt as the sources used may not be all that scholarly. Now the theory that some advanced human society came out of some part of the world and was responsible for all these royal families may sound far fetched, but do the research there are just too many parallels in different societies that are spread apart for their not to be. Do the research.

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Because of your area(s) of interest, you may also wish to look into the works of Tracy R. Twyman and also look at - Enjoy!

The Granovitch said...

I have looked into it and In plan on getting some of those books.I have one by Nicholas De vere that looks like it should be good but rather difficult to read.


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