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Friday, January 18, 2013

Tolkiens travel into Fae: Five fun tales

Tales from the Perilous Realm [with Roverandom]Tales from the Perilous Realm [with Roverandom] by J.R.R. Tolkien
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Tolkien is a classic writer but beyond that he is a writer that takes you to different realms. The realm of faerie that is. Five of his classic tales involve traveling into the faerie realm. Roverandom involves a small dog who annoys a wizard who turn him into a toy. From there he is sold to a family and then getting into contact with a sand wizard named Psmathos, who restores him back to life but he is still small. His journey by both bird and whale take to him to the moon and the under sea kingdom. In the undersea kingdom the wizard who changed him over fails miserably at his job. At the end the dog is changed back to who he was. Lesson always be nice to people.

Farmer Giles of Ham is about a farmer who chases giant off his property by shooting a giant full of buckshot. The giant flees and farmer Giles is rewarded and treated like a hero. All is well until a dragon comes by. Farmer Giles is afraid. but his sword is magic adn teh dragon is old. Eventually they strike a deal that makes Farmer Giles wealthy and powerful.

Adventures of Tom Bombadil involve a wizard who gets on well with nature spirits , even marrying a water maiden. But he soon disappears after a boat trip. There are adventure with ogres that try to eat Tom but fail. Tom gives him a good swift kick and ends up getting a lame foot. One ogre feeds kids and a maided sees the final elf boat heave off to the elven island.

Smith of Wootton major starts off with a master cook taking sudden leave. His assistant Alf is left behind. Nokes is brought i to replace him. Alf and Nokes put a faery star into the Great Cake. The smith gets it and he ventures into faerie fror 12 years . But after that he must give it up and pass it on to someone new.

Leaf by Nigle is about a failed artist who lives in a Russian like state of being. He ehelps neioghbors out of weekness and never gets his artwork finished.. He is transfereed to country wear he must build up teh country side.

THe book finished off with Tolkiens discusson of faerie. Enchantment subcreations and secondary belief. Worth delving into.

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