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Friday, January 11, 2013

Middle Eastern Demons...The Djinn

The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of GeniesThe Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
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I expected a little bit more. The book is good for someone totally brand new to the paranormal and Middle Eastern lore. If you are at the intermediate level you would find this every interesting. I liked and I did learn more as there is not a lot of material available on the Djinn. This book puts it out there, and I learned quite a bit from it. But let us say that I probably could learned as much listening to an Islamic expert on the Djinn in a five minute youtube video. The book does also have a rich bibliography for future reading and research.

The book starts out giving an Islamic history of the Djinnn and their relation to Allah and his angels. Before mankind was about perhaps millions of years before this planet was ruled by the Djinn and Iblis was their ruler. Now the Djinn could live for millions of years they do not have brief life spans like we do. None the less they were organized by clans and they built majectics kingdoms and they had a very grand society. They were also consumed with petty wars and these wars proved to be rather devastating. So Allah decided to make man out of clay. Now Iblis was good with the angels and Allah. Unlike most of the Djinn he chose to follow Allah. When Allah made man out of clay he told everybody to bow to it. Everyone did but Iblis. He was cast out of heaven. Never to return. He became head of all the Djinn once they were banished to another realm. We were given reign over the planet and the Djinn for the most part were banished. Djinn do not like people and that is putting it lightly. They seem to want their planet back.

In the Middle East there are certain caves, lakes and desolate areas that are owned by certain Djinn or that certain Djinn live there. It is not safe for humans to go there. They will be spooked, attacked maybe even possessed. Djinn are very territorial in that respect. Best leave! Djinn vindictive. Since they are made of fire or plasma they can shape shift wuite easily. In the Middle East they can turn into black dogs or snakes. They also take the form of ghosts, deities or angels. They are tricksters. Philip Imbrogno tells of his episode in Oman when he enters a Djinn's cave. In thought that was great. He also mentions that the US army is trying to capture Djin as well. The authors do use stories to illustrate their point. However they tend to leave the cultural context of the discussion and end up talking about hauntings in the American heartland or pull example from native American folk lore. They should have stayed more into the Middle East and pulled their supporting stories from their.

The comparison to faeries and other spirit folk was helpful as it gives the reader a broader frame of reference. We know that these spirit folk can shape shift, play tricks on humans and even mate with human. They have this in common with faerie folk from other traditions. It was good to learn about the Mothman, the Native American shadow people who show up on your wall and scare the lights out of you. But we need Middle Eastern Examples. Of course Middle Eastern folk are fearful of getting the attention of the Djinn. THey will not even mention them.

Once the Djinn were banished King Solomon added further insult to injury by enslaving them and forcing them to help build his empire. he did this by using a ring with God's name on it. He forced the Djinn to build his great temple. After that he locked them up in Brass containers and threw them out to the sea. Djinn that have been imprisoned for so long are quite angry and while yes they will give the releaser three wishes they often work to one's detriment.

Electromagnetic stuff is affecting our world. All this technology is opening portals that enable them to come though . but since their bodies are plasma it can also make them come apart. The book has some good banishing techniques and references to Western Ceremonial Magic when it comes to dealing with spirits. Bismillah stay safe.

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