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Monday, September 3, 2012

Paen To Hekate

Divine Lady Holder of the keys Oh Dame of Darkness I hear your whisper of inspiration enlightening the soul of the world. You stand at the crossroad I leave you my offering then turn to flee for your divine fire be too bright. The physical cannot venture beyond Hades gate. Medusa threatens the fain of heart. If their soul is filled with rot then their visage turns to stone. Cerbus the three headed one drools aconite poisoned spit. The living shall not venture into the realm of the dead. But spiritual ether always passes through. Oh Keeper of the gate my offering to thee. In the depth of darkness the torches they burn. In one hand is the beating heart and the other thrive the intellect divine. Lucifer rises and Noctifer descends. Venus lies sleeping within the realm of love. Wandering lonely in the night. Lighting inspiration strike in serpentine form. I drink the nectar of the divine and I eat the meat of the mundane. Within the cave of truth dwells the nectared venom of truth. From there you watch the travels of Persephone to the underworld and back. Venus must be one of thou reflections. Every forty years she dances in sync with the blazing sun. Man flies in the skie every 8 years for that is when the pentagram be formed. I have traveled many times through the gate way of birth and death. World soul you were always there to midwife me through as I entered and exited through the gates of fire. Pharoah and deities are held and birthed through your hands. Weret Hekao Oh great enchantress, mistress of magic give me the keys. Come take my offering of blood, wine, opal and milk. You breath you utter sounds life is changed. Spirit effected. Pass me through fire and make me magic. Oh shining Venus of the sky, Isis mother of magic, Sekmet great lion and wadjet with your sacred eye. Look upon me think of me as only 40 days of age instead of years. We are introduced. metaphorically I stretch my hand forward. Oh spirit of the world bless and magical one connected to all life take me from the mundane to the sacred.
There are those who have told tale that this world is illusion or that 7 princes rule this planet. Yet by the four fixed stars Oh queen you are the soul of the world. You are the planet eighth. Oh bright Queen divine. Sabbaoth, Brimo, bau bau. Daughter of Tehome and the starry night. Blood of God and titan. I blink my eyes four times for manifestation. Opal is given in exchange for the birth of burning desire. The eight ruler take me on a tour into primordial chaos. The Darkness goes on forever, time is standing still. I drown in the waters primordial. My eyes are blind and all is invisible. On this barren desert floor I taste the sacrament of rebirth. The Priestess touches me on the forhead. By the power of Sophia I give you light . The first power of change is bestowed upon thee. Arise face the north and solute the baying hounds, face the east but fear not the charging bulls, face the south the horses are racing with breathes of fire exhaled from their mouth. Drink from the Hydras pool of wisdom in the West for you are now born of ocean breeze and blood. The Psychopomp guides me to the realm of the unseen. Change is upon me. I am that which is of pure spirit. Oh wise Sophia I bless my friends may the good be returned upon them. They shall own the good they have performed. Ekate, Xekate put the curse upon those who have done me wrong. They shall own their deed and the vile puke that comes as a result of the wrong. I have faced down the gorgon and Cerberus the opposer. I have swallowed my fears and felt them digest. baubau, brima Sabbaoth, hekate, Sophia. Goddess of Earth, Air and Sea. The poet am I who hath drunk 100 drought of inspiration. By your power my words invoke the qualities and deities I desire. Lips of honey cause the gods and Goddesses to swoon in joy. Energy is born. I am alive. My heart feeling and spirit is ushered into my word, songs and poems. From energy form and thought are born. Spirit of creation blows across the earthen plane. Destruction's wind is calling for the evil ones. The Circle proceed going on and on. Let the souls of witches sing their praises to the great goddess Hekate. Pentagram, crossroads Oh hekate I breath your air, Demeter I am born from your brown cool earth and to your earth i shall return. Persephone young maiden queen of the dead. We have me before we shall meet again. Death no longer holds fear for me. reward those friends of mine with chalices of wine. Those who choose to do me wrong bind them with chains of brass. Imprison them in eternities wrathful desert with the demon. Lock their soul behind brass walls with the titans. guardian of the threshold I call upon your power. If I am wrong let me call forth angry demons. I am water and fire in my hand is opal they are bound until my will. Sleep slowly overtaketh the eyes my enemy is poisoned by the pennyroyal herb. the old ways are given their proper due. red, black and white offering on the altar. food is left at table and crossroad. The bridge of love is created. My friends shall own their blessing and the enemies shall own the enmity they have sown. Young student, budding warrior and witch take thee to the crossroads. Manifest your desires.

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