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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Harvest Moon Ritual

1. Lesser Banishing Pentagram Ritual burn Sage for purification. 2. Raise Athame to the sky and envision brilliant white entering your blade. "With this Athame of power I hereby consecrate my circle of power. Now cast your circle with the white light that is gathered in your blade. 3. Once circle is cast is summon the elements of the east, South,West and North A. Element of air I bid thee welcome to my ritual. Please observe and protect. Lend forward your intellectual whit and quickness to this ritual. B. Element of Fire I bid thee welcome to my ritual. Please observe and protect. Lend forward your fiery passion and heat to this ritual C. Element of water I bid thee welcome to my ritual. Please observe and protect. Lend forward your emotional depth to this ritual. D. Element of Earth I bid thee welcome to this ritual. Please and observe and protect. Lend forward your concreteness and stability to this ritual. 4. Light the cauldron fire. " Great divinity I bid thee descend. Honor us with your presence at this Harvest Moon. 5. Light the White Candle." Divine creatrix supernal mother progenitor of all. She who's home is on Urinia. You made all that is . I light this candle inviting your presence." 6. Light the Red Candle " Divine enchantress, sister an daughter of the creatrix. Charges of love great warrior in battle I light this candle inviting your presence" 7. Light the black candle " The color black stand for Jorack the wicked. Just as there good so must there be evil. As freedom reigns Domination and submission yearn to leap forward." 8. " To the divine creatrix and enchantress I give thee incense offering. Please find my offering pleasing fragrant and acceptable. Place some incense of the thurible. 9. " Now stands the harvest moon in the sky. A time to gather in that which we have grown in the previous year. Bring in the corn, bring in the grain, turn the wheat to bread before the coming winter devours any thing that is left. Tis the the last moon before the coming darkness. When cold and death shall rule the land. With this last bit of light Oh Enchantress I strive to nourish thee. Give thee strength to resist the onslaught of evil Jorack." The Creatrix speaks " I the creatrix have formed all that is from the Universal energy. I strive to give light. My heart strives to love all my creature. In constant adoration I protect my creation. Harm none but defend if you must. Savor life but shed not tears. Through the winter long I shall sustain. The Enchantress speaks " I the enchantress second made color of red. I lead the world in passion I strengthen the weak to resist. Avenger of the wronged My soul is ruled by the element of passion. Live to the fullest. Kill with vengeance when wronged. Fight and love with equal passion. That is my lesson unto this world. For when II be gone the birthing shall stop and death shall steal over the land. When I sit imprisoned relation are ruled by lust. Oppression replaces freedom." Jorack Speaks " Mock the horned one if you will. Make jokes of my skin and my really long tongue. I am the other side of life that can never be denied. I offer freedom from this material prison by causing you to surrender. Come to to me children you know you want to want. For I am that which dwells deep withing the soil. I am that which dwells deep with in the heart. My path is wisdom with pain. For their can be no joy with out sorrow." "So the story goes, The enchantress travel through the Urninian land with her retinue. The battle is close and hard. But the moon is the ally of the enchantress. It's luminescent light gives her strength which normally wanes at this time of year. The battle rages of the heat of the sun lessen while that of the moon grows strong. Chant Oh children of the creatrix chant and give the enchantress your strength" Some singing dedicated to the enchantress ensues. Energy is given to the Enchantress. " Now we have helped the enchantress by singing and raising and energy but now is the time for our request. We cannot forget our own needs for to neglect them is not the way of Enchantress. To forget our needs is to bring our death. Let us embrace life and sing" Another song is sun and then the request is thrown into the fire. Now is a good time for some mediation 10. " Great deities I offer thee refreshment" poor some liquid on the ground or save until ritual is complete. 11. "Great Deities I offer thee nourishment" let some food fall to the ground. Or save for later. 12. bid the element fare well starting with the north. 13 Bid Farewell to the creatrix, enchantress while extinguishing candles. 14. The circle is open but never broken. 15 Finish with a banishing ritual.

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