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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Learning to Walk the Magical Path

Walking the Path of the Ancient WaysWalking the Path of the Ancient Ways by Hydra M. Star
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Those who are drawn to the Pagan path have always been a little bit different from the get go. They have tried to join the mainstream but to no avail it just did not work. They always saw through the hypocrisy, lies and bullshit. Some have felt the calling of the moon goddess since they were small children and even evoked her presence for magic even before they knew it existed. One young person always saw the green man himself, ever present in every facet of life but when she tried to grasp him he would always disappear. Of course not everyone is Wiccan-Celtic-Pagan. There are those who are drawn to Satanism and Chaos magick and heck even spiritual vampyrism. This book short and nifty makes for a very entertaining read. I devoured it in two day and wished there was more to read. Experiences and backgrounds very. Many who came from a Christian background found the hypocrisy brain numbing. They started out with Wicca but found that they could not by into everything Wicca taught and so became Gnostic Satanists. Some people combined their Wiccas beliefs with Gnostic Satanism and came up with something entirely their own.

In fact many author's who have their work featured in the book have left the established path and went on to forge their own path specifically designed for themselves. These individuals are clearly individuals, pioneers and fighter. Some have willed their way through a tornado storm quite literally while others have found Satanism in their family background only to embrace it later without even meaning to . Short, sweet and fun...enjoy.

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