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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Heart of Lilith

Lilith: The Legend Of The First Woman Ada Langworthy Collier Kessinger Publishing, LLC (August 29, 2007) Considering that this book was a free download it is not too shabby. The book is written in poet form taking bits and pieces from Islamic, Jewish and Christian lore. Lilith is not seen as someone evil the way many early monotheists saw her but she is viewed rather as a person who is highly intelligent and highly able to love. THe author does not bother to explore any of the Sumerian origins of Lilith which is where the Jews caught wind of her. I did learn one thing. That a lullaby is meant to keep Lilith away. The poem which is divided into books starts off with Adam and Lilith in the Garden of Eden. Lilth feels that since they both were created on the same day and same way that both should hold equal power in the Garden. Adam who has a leopard crouching at his feet does not agree. He feels he should have the power. Lilth gets no recourse so she decides to flee Paradise and explore the wide world. The angel guarding the gate tries in veign to disuade her but to no avail. Lilth wander over the Earth exploring the wild and vast landscape.It is in this wilderness that spies the wild life and the jungles. After a while of mingling with the animals shje decides to return to paradise.
At the gates of paradise she is confronted by none other then Eblis himself. He is the Arabic term for Lucifer. He guides Lilith aroud and shows her his world. She is taken in by all the beauty and gifts he bestows upon her. She marries Eblis. After a while they have several children who are described as Elven, goblins and winged. They fly away from her shortly after they are born. Sorrow grips her heart as she longs for motherhood, Eblis tries offering comfort, but to no avail. Lilith finds her way back to paradise, now someone has taken her place, that person is Eve. Lilith is engraged. In aanger she steals Eve's daughter and returns her only upon the child's death. In jewish lore Lilith was Adam's first wife. She left because she would not take the submissive position during their love making but insisted on being on top. While in the desert she copulates with animals and produces demonic offspring. God sends three angels begging her to return home lest they kill her demonic offspring. She refuses but agrees not to kill children wearing amulets containing the name of three angels. he is now a child killer. Islamic legend has her living in Damascus with Eblis.

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