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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Luciferian , Canaanite Magick

Dragon of the Two FlamesDragon of the Two Flames by Michael W. Ford
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Let’s face it sometimes a book can suffer from having too much information and being too long. This book is a prime example. Do not get me wrong is a great book but so overwhelming. The first half of the book explains the philosophy of Adversarial Magic and the history of the Canaanite Gods. There is a detailed description about the different gods and what functions they served in the Ancient world. The naming of associations goes beyond being thorough, it is a tidal wave of information. This is one of those books that could use a little more leaning toward Wicca 101. The second half of the book is filled with rituals and invocations to the vering deities for a variety of reason. The last part of the book talking about the seven plentery rulers and how to use their powers for self betterment. There are many inscriptions and sigil in the book along with Hebrew and Mesopamian cuneiform. I did notice several errors with th Hebrew where in it did not match up with the transliteration. Editing is a problem especially with the bold face print. Often time the words are sandwitched together making it hard enough too read if you are able to decipher the English. But then when transliterated words are thrown in it can get really confusing.

View all my reviews and yet there is more. Here are some notes that I took. Adversarial magician Michael Ford delves into the Levantine God pantheon and tell the reader how to use the Canaanite deific masks to break free from the slave driven mindset of monotheism. Adversarial magick is about living life to your fullest and reaching full excellence. Michael Ford does not believe in Gods perse rather he calls them deific masks which are representative of worldly phenomena and psychological phenomena. The Deific masks of Canaan are much better then the use of monotheism in the pursuit of self excellence. The Luciferian path is about achieving individual immortality and godhood. The Kessapim is the sorcerer of Canaanite magic. In this book are definitions that are required to understand Canaanite ritual and to use it. Kesapim ritual A. Occasion: Specific need or desire B. Required act: invoking deity and singing hyms 1. Invoke deity 2. Desire deity to appear 3. Say Oath of devotion c. Libation and Incense offering d. Deific mask hym e. Divine made manifest : Results delivered The power of Canaanite magic lies in the incantations or speech sometimes called Whispering. The Raphaim are the mighty dead. Canaanites were into ancestors.. They were consulted for Necromancy. Here are the steps. 1. Light your incense give libations 2. Recite intent. White for insight black for a goal. 3. Recite incantation 4. Pour food and drink libation into a pit. 5. In the morning right down your impression. Here are the Canaanite Gods El: Father god of Cannanites Yam Nahar _ Ocean God he is might and strong. His alies are Leviatan and he is connected to Tiamat Mot is the god of death. Suwala is like his bride. Abbaddon is place of destruction of destruction possibly another name for the underworld. Dagan god of grain. Head god in some Near Eastern Pantheons. Likes Cedar Oil Baal Hadad. Resides on Mount Zephon son of Dagan. Consort of Anat. Prayer to Baal Haddad May Adad overwhelm the enemy with an evil downpour, may floods and storm, confusionand tumult, tempest want and famine, drought and hunger continue in the enemies lands. May Baal Hadad come upon the enemies land like a flood and turn it to tells and ruin. Adad destroy the enemies land with destructive with destructive lightning and cast famine upon his land.. Baal was oft equated with the Egyptian Seth. Astarte was Canaanite Goddess of Love and War. Call Queen of heaven. Anat: Goddess of War, eternal virgin Goddess of Heaven. Chemosh was underworld deity who guided war for the Moabites Athar : Attempted usurper of Baal Throne. The Original Lucifer the morning and evening star. Shapash Goddess of the sun and psychopomp to the dead as she travel to the underworld nightly. Yarikh Moon God. And Nikkal his wife. She as an orchard goddess. Book outlines tools specif to Canaanite Magician. Four horned altar and it’s construction are discussed. It had a censer fo incense. Cult statue for altar. Not many statue are made for Canaanite deites so here is a substitution Baal use Zeus, Yam- Use Poseidon Mot : use skeltons or Hades. Resheph: Appollo, Chemosh : Mars or Aries, Ashtoreth : Use Diana or Artemis , Dagan use Zeus. Astarte use Aphrodite or lilith. Horon use Horus. Leviathan use dragon and for Molech use Baphomet statue. Bamahs or altar can be built with rock piles out door. You body and spirit are the ultimate temple.

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