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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book of Results by Ray Sherwin

Book of Results

For practitioners of Chaos Magick, sigilization or the making of sigils is extremely popular. Chaos Magick is very individualistic and one of it’s cofounders is very skeptical of gurus and hierarchical groups which tend to weigh I favor of the group against the individual. One can listen to the advice and teaching of a guru or teacher but ultimately one must do the experimentation and decide what works for them, Beliefs are subject to constant change and can be manipulated to fit the individuals need. One must be flexible with one’s beliefs and be prepared to adopt a belief when it is needed.

There are two types of magick. One magick gets you inside of your head and the other magick gets you outside of your head. Sensory deprivation or anything that inhibits the body tends to get you inside of your head.. Those physical exercise that exite the body tend to get you outside of your head.

The magickian should experiment with different techniques. Keep and practice only ones that are useful. Practice and perfect those techniques so they come out right during the rituals.. Magickain should start regimens that are both strict and pleasurable. Keep a written journal to balance what was achieved and what needs to be achieved.

Nothing is new in magick only the same old idea rearranged. The same process that drives out neurosis is also the one that drives us to excel. Man is lazy and it causes him to look for easy ways to do things. Once something is done enough habitually it is easier and requires less thought. Habit reduces the amount of concentration needed to do something. This frees the mind to do other things. People prefer laziness over living up to their potential. The wizards strives to reach his potential.

Magickians must constantly battle laziness. It is a battle to overcome the sensorship mechanism that holds us back. The magickian should explain to himself vigourously the rational behind every action her/her makes. Some of the reasons include:

1. Necessity: health welfare and development
2. .Habit: Something some one does out of rote. Eventually you phase out habit.
3. Appetite: Eating ,drinking, sex
4. Fear: Something we do to avoid consequences
5. Laziness
6. Lack of Confidence: Not being good enough
7. Time killer: Something to waste extra moments between events

Our demons are those blindspots or negative traits and feelings about ourselves. Our job is to banish our own demons that personify our negative traits. Negative thoughts trap the magickian and stunt personal growth. It keeps the magickian at his present level of performance. Belief can be changed at will. This is done in a temple during evocations.

Demons strive to keep us fro reaching our potential. We must write our own grimoire on how to banish our own demons.A magical record shows us as we really are. Glory is in the attempt and failure is a day unrecorded. The oath is a statement of the magicians need, intention and motives which is tempered by strategy. Daily regimens should be based on ones social factors like ability and income. The magickal retirement should last 7 days. It should utilize times wisely and destroy your inner demon. During this retreat Magicians should have a schedule one that includes taking care of bodily needs, writing, physical exercise, concentration of chosen power and pranayma. At the end of the retirement the magician should reassess himself. Magic is practices by the few and is secluded. The popularity of magic means an abundance of material this enable one to choose what is good for themselves. Dianetics is good for eliminating aberrations.

The analytic mind functions to record and store data. In times of great stress the analytic mind shuts down and the reactive mind pops up. It records the alarming detail. The informations is stored in traces called engrams. When the analytic mind is restored the engrams are stores in the subconscious and they have power.

Magick deals with emotions. Rituals deal with the unconscious. Gnostic techniques get you to the unconscious. These is no magick without gnosis Accidental sigils are negative engrams that become activated in the reactive mind. For example a car accident with negative associations is stores in the reactive mind later on the associations brin headaches. In the temple when positive sigils are made the mind stores engrams in a positive way.

When making sigils or engaging in magical operations There should be no debate as to whether something is good or bad. Such thinking will cause the magician to suffer. An old idea of alignments to planets and such is pertinent in so far as they are pertinent to the magician. To make a Sigil the magician must first acknowledge a desire. Then he list symbols ad arranges them into a glyph. Then using Gnosis he reifies the sigil and casts it into his unconscious. The reactive mind never rests. It is working constantly and we must listen to it. The proper state of mind for sigilzation comes from a detachment of desire.

Sigil Practice should be done often and with low grade goals that are not too important. this helps top achieve the desired detachment from the desire for the goal. Colors used in a Sigil for strength would normally use red and orange. These colors corespond to Geburah and Mars. Yet these colors might not have meaning for the user. For them blue might equal strength. So blue would be a better color to use. When disigning your sigil you can use colors that flash. You can further bombard the senses with a mantra. For example "my desire is to be as keen as a hawk".
you would then permute this to "myd esir ai to thaw". Later is permuted to "mizir is kenai otaw" Spinning matras are made from foreign languages. Two people attend rotating on the different lines. Other sense can also be used to assault the consious mind.

Rituals begin and end with a banishing. The magical action is contained with in the two banishings. No thought goes beyond the ritual. One can devise ones own banishing ritual or use the Golden Dawn system. Magickian should feel free to adapt they should be open to impressions from the void. Shamans often times went to the void. You must be able to use formless energy to change the formed universe.

To change your reality you can make a sigil here is the Ritual

1. Temple has empty altar facing north.
2. Candle lit, incense burning, burning bowl for sigil
3.start your music
4. face altar meditate on Sigil
5.Caltrop Banishing Ritual
6. Pause
7. Chant Mantra
8.Whirl to music and mantra and keep sigil in mind
9.Stop whirling
10. burn the sigil
11. Reverse Caltrop

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