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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Creating Money by Roman Sanaya

Creating Money is a book about manifesting money. In many ways it is the same as "Laws of Attraction and the "Secret" Many of the concepts I first read about in the book "Creative Visualization" by Shakti Gawain. There are a couple of new concepts mentioned in hear as well as some concepts from Ceremonial Magick and Paganism without it being directly stated. Hence it is a spiritual strategy book that is useful in garnering wealth that someone from any religion could use.

Typical to any book about manifestation the author tells you that you can draw wealth and happiness to yourself by visualizing it. But then it goes a bit further and gets into the nuts and bolts of our attitudes. The book was channeled to the author by his spirit guide. Hence he makes no claim to research.

To create the money and abundance you want in your life you first have to realize that you are the source of both good and bad that come into your life. It is attitude and what you believe. What you say influences your perception.What you perceive influences your life. Do not be afraid to visualize what you truly want and do not give your self excuses as to why you have to modify your wish and settle for less. The book calls for "unlimited thinking" which is basically ask for what you want and more as the universe has no limits. So visualize what you want and then improve upon it. To manifest you are called upon to visualize what you want, see yourself having it and actually be in the picture. You then surround your vision with a glowing orb of light. Of course negative thinking will come in like it does for most us gently put them in a bubble or a box and send them away. There is no reason why you cannot have what you desire.

The primary technique for magnetizing your desire and drawing it to you is to visualize a magnetic coil this magnetic coil will draw things to you that you want. Imagine it as big and strong as you like. Then activate your magnet to pull in what you desire. When you have invested enough energy you will know it and it is ok to stop. Belief and faith is essential so the authors advise that if you think you are asking for something that is too big you will not be able to believe that you can achieve it. Being practical the book asks for you to ask for something smaller and then slowly build your way up.

Important to any manifestation is to visualize yourself as already having it. So when you visualize believe you have it. When you have the money that you want it will also give you a certain quality. That quality could be feeling alive, feeling secure or having a feeling of more honor and prestige. Go ahead and feel those feeling and give yourself that quality even before you attain the money that you want. Start feeling alive and start feeling more secure. Act more alive and act more secure.This will send off a vibration from your body and soul that will attract the money you want.

Often times what we really want is not the money itself but something that money can buy. Maybe we want to buy a jacket that will keep us warm, or maybe to take a trip, or obtain reliable transportation. Keep your eyes open for that thing you want. It just might materialize for you before you get the money. You do not have to be wealthy to obtain what you want. The book is practical in this regard.

Just because we may want something does not mean we are going to get it right away or get it at all. Our Holy Guardian or our higher self will give it to us in our proper time when we are spiritually mature enough to receive it. Remember sometimes money causes more problems then it solves. Our higher self will not give us something if it is harmful to us, the world or another individual.

An element of trust is there fore needed. Just because or business goes through ebbs and flows and right now there is a downturn does not mean it is time for us to fret. it could be a sign that the occupation we are in is not good for us and we need a change. It is important to realize that we must find our line of work enjoyable and fulfilling. You will not be prosperous or achieve abundance in a job that you hate. Find something you like. Remember also that you are in a job or line of work to serve humanity. So approach your job with a positive attitude and find ways of serving people.

Natural ebbs and flows are part of natures way. There is birth, growth, decay, death and finally rebirth. The pagans recognize this as do Taoists. That is ok just go with the flow things will pick up. The book also exhorts us to spend money and money is energy and keeping the energy in flow helps people. When we spend money we are helping people make a living. We enable employers to pay there employees. Remember that it is also important to save.

Overall good book I give it 4 broomsticks out of 5. It has good exercises at the end of each chapter and it has some very practical information. The information is useful to both pagan and monotheist alike.

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