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Friday, January 14, 2011

French Satanism in the Late 1800's

For a long time in fact throughout most of the 1800’s it can be said that there was no cult that was dedicated to Satan or the Devil. Ask someone about it and the subject is shrugged of as no one of sound mind would speculate worshipping the Devil. No less it must be realized that at the end of the 1800’s Satanism was alive and well in France, the most enlightened of all nations at the time. Satanist identify with Satan or any other evil figure from other religions and they support that deities design for evil. They often operate underground an out of view. They engage in many vile acts such as robbery, murder and kidnapping. Their most favored activity is stealing holy items from the Roman Catholic Church and using it in the service of Satan. In that sense they defile it. These thefts had been happening at various different cities in Europe.

The late 1800’s is also a time of great confusion. The Transcendalist are often accused of practicing Satanic rights. The occultist AE Waite feels need to come to some rapprochement with the Catholic Church.

Most people feel that the Masons are the ones who are acting as a front for the Satanist and that most Mason’s are dupes while a secret order within the Masons is puling the strings and recruiting members from the great fraternity. The Catholic Church has been the biggest enemy of the Masons. They print out tracts saying that the Mason’s promote Atheism, indoctrinate females and are in favor of anarchy. Now there maybe a Luciferian vein running through the Masons. Each lodge is affiliated with a Grandlodge in it’s area. Each Grand Lodge is autonomous and act independently of each other.

There is separation and difference between the Mason of England and France. The French Mason’s have apparently done away with the grand architect concept and are following an Egyptian rite. The Mason of English are following the Scottish Rite. It is the Scottish Rite that is predominant in the US. With in the Scottish Rite there is a sub group called the New Palladians. They are supposedly a recreation of the old “Palladians”

The “Palladians were a group of Templar Knights who worshipped Baphomet. Albert Pike who was born in America to humble parents ended up moving to Arkansas. Later he would return to Memphis and open a Scottish Rite Lodge there. He supposedly had the statue of Jaques D Molay and the original statue of Baphomet. He started up the New Palladians. The New Palladians are Luciferian.

Lucifereians are not Satanist but they are at odds with the Catholic Church and other monotheistic relgions. They believe that Lucifer is a bringer of Light while Adonai is a dark God who has plunged the world into misery and darkness. Hence in their mind Lucifer works for the good. Satan is a twisting of Lucifer done by the Catholic church.. Here in lies the potential evil. Have the New Palladians turned to Satan worship by accident.

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