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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Faith of the Fallen

Richard Rahl and Kahlan the Mother Confessor have fled to the Westland after Anderith has fallen to the Imperial Order. Richard and Kahlan are not exactly accepted by Richard's old neighbors so they flee into the hills with Cara the Mord Sith protecting them. Kahlan heals, they go hunting, fishing and Richard teaches Kahlan how to fight. Their heavenly bliss though is interrupted by Nicci sister of the dark,one who who is sworn to the keeper. She is also known as the mistress of death. One touch for this woman dressed in black and her enemies are dead. Nicci is also Jagangs slave queen. She stays with him by choice as Jagang cannot enter her head at will as he can with other people. Jagang also tortures her which is something that helps make her feel alive.

After obtaining Richard's where abouts she sets out to capture Richard. Richard is not easy to catch and the only way ton do it is to somehow threaten Kahlan. This is done with a maternity spell. Anything that hurts Nicci will hurt Kahlan. Kill Nicci Kahlan dies. Nicci can also kill Kahlan at will. Richard is taken into the bowls of the old world. Altur Rang is Jagangs home. Nicci wants to show what life is like for the common worker.

Kahlan and Cara go off to fight the Imperial Order along with Zedd and the DHarans army. They kill many a troop but there are just so many of them. The Imperial order keeps on advancing. They end up taking Aydinril. An assassin named Gadi kills Warren a wizard. After intense questioning he admits that he is an assassin and informs where Richard is. Kahlan and Cara go offf to resuce Richard.

Richard in the mean time has carved a statue that restores people to spiritual life. As the Imperial Order takes over the New World change is happpening in the Old World. Richard comes out victorious as always but he is taken to an inch of his life in the final battle.

What will happen next. Richard has won this round. The Old World is filled with fanaticism towards the creator and is much like Commmunist Russia.

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