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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catholic Antisemtism

Aurthur Edward Waite is the maker of the Ryder Waite Tarot deck and author of numerous books on occult subjects. He has written several books on Ceremonial Magick and the Kabballa. In fact anyone just getting started in magick or the occult is advised to read his works.

In this book the author tackle the subject of the resurgence of Satanism in France. Something that was long since thought extinct. THe Catholic Church has supported authors who have spread the rumor that Satanism is being spread by the Mason.

In tackling this subject Mr. Waite examines the subject of Luciferianism and Satanism. Two different subjects. He also examines witness records in his quest for the truth. In the end the MAson are a brotherhood that believe in benefitting mankind and are united in the belief that there is a master architect or creator in the universe.

In the late 1800's a book< Free Masonry the Synagogue of Satan, was written that was designed to smear the Masons and the Jewish people. We are now already away of the contempt the Catholic Church holds towards the Mason and how they have linked them to Satanic practices. THe book is a total sham. THe author claims to be a witness of Palladianism but what he does is document occult practices of Muritaniaus.

The main claim of the book is that Freemasonry is controlled by Jews. The organization is a kabbalsitic Jewish plot the book maintains and that the Jews desire world wide domination. Such rubbish could not be further from the truth. Albert Pike the founder of New Palladianism was not a Jew nor was he a Judaizer.

MGR Meurin the author of this fallacious work gathered his information second hand. He himself was not a member. He claimed that he understood the mystery of 33rd degree in Masonry. It corresponds to the 33 Vedic Deities and it borows heavily from the past.

The Masons maybe secretive but they are not part of a Jewish plot to take over the world.

Prior to 1891 a certain Dr. Battalia was an unknown quantity. He was a spy and a sensationalist. The Palladium itself was largely unknown as well. He claims to have joined the Mason obtained his degrees for certain prices. He made the claim that. HJe penetrated the Palladian i the far east. His first stop was Carbuccia. The ritual was conducted by Mr. Shekelton. In Cingal a woman was burned alive and offerend unto Satan.Fakirs leviated and turned themselves into animals. In Calcutta Fakirs would take certain psotions for long periods of time. There would be ceremonies to summon Beel Zeboub but he never would come.

In Dappah there were seven temples. The First temple had cobra rituals. THe second temple perfromed marriages. THe third temple was dedicated to fallen women. THe 4th temple was Rosicrucian and the fakirs would stay in painful postions and be mummified for three years. THe fifth temple was consecrated to a Pelican it was dedicated to Masonic charity. The 6th temple was dedicated to divination. The seventh temple was decated to the dacred of fire of Baal.

Singapore according to this author was loaded with English criminals. THe author also believes that Chinese and Jews are going straight to hell.San Ho Hei is Chinese occultism it is a welcome mat for masonry, Palladian style. In the east intitate wouild ingest opium and hope for occultic reunion.

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