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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Secret History of the Jews in The Latin World

Secret Jews: The Complex Identity of Crypto-Jews and Crypto-JudaismSecret Jews: The Complex Identity of Crypto-Jews and Crypto-Judaism by Juan Marcos Bejarano Gutierrez
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1492 was recorded as one of th lost disastrous for the Jewish people residing in Spain. The three choices were simple conversion, death or leave Spain. In reality, though, their terror began in 1391, the Visogoths forced all,the Jews to convert or die. Many Jews chose to convert . Some Jews survived by fleeing to another kingdom but as the years rolled by the antisemitism would,catch up and they would face pogroms. Between the years 1391 to 1492 the Jews would face several outburst of antisemitism.

Much of the antisemitism was Church inspired and rhe peasantry were the ones who carried out the violence. Sometimes the nobility would try to protect them but to no avail , the mob rules. Jews who converted to Catholicism were known by several names Marrano (pigs), conversos and Anusim . Once convert they went to church and outwardly tried to be the best Christians possible. Inwardly though many Anusim continued to practice whatever Judaism they could at home and practice Christianity on the outside. Conversos were never fully accepted. The neighboring Chrisitisns regard them with suspicion . In fact conversos never got much of a Christian education any wonder they practiced their Judaism. Many were accused of Judaizing.

The book examines rabbinical,attitudes toward the Anusim and how the other Jews interacted with them. Never quite fitting in once they left many would make an open return while,others would hide. The hiding continues to is day with many in Latin American countries claiming descent from Anusim. Gaining acceptance into,e Jewish community has many challenges and the Jewish community has a variety of ways it responds.

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