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Monday, May 22, 2017

A Guide to Extreme Living

The Psychopath's Bible: For the Extreme IndividualThe Psychopath's Bible: For the Extreme Individual by Christopher S. Hyatt
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This is not s a book for everyone , in fact most people will find its objective intolerable and will not bother to read it. The books viewpoint does not speak charitably about the state of mankind. In the past many books have been written about psychopaths and sociopaths, but no books have been written for them! The two terms , psychopaths and sociopaths have been used interchangeably that they now mean the same thing. Psychologists have now invented a new term called Antisocial personality disorder. When describing the psychopath usually such terms as violent, impulsive, no respect for Authority are flung around. rhe DSM 4 has quite an sack definition. Yet, psychopaths walk among us and they are too smart to be violent. You tyrants, politicians, CEO's are in many cases good examples of a psychopath .

In the book the psychopath is referred to as a toxic magician, master, master manipulator etc. His goal is the destruction of the human race so that it can make way for another more advanced and useful life form can take over. I wonder how many people would agree to this objective? Most people are very weak minded . They are followers or sheep who are easily controlled , they just do not know it. Many people think they want to be free but that is an illusion. What they really want is to be controlled in a way they find acceptable. That is a view point I can easily agree with. Now the toxic magician must reach his aims non violently. In fact he does not want to. Kill off weak people he wants them around so he can manipulate them. Some times you destroy people by giving them exactly what they want. So you want to doom the human race, support programs that feed the poor. This will then create a drain in the natural resources and when they run out there will not be enough to feed the people thus causing a more massive die off. He makes a point but I am not sure I want to wipe out the human race.

The book has excellent techniques , although subtle , on how to manipulate people. Let's face it the world out there is a jungle. People are always manipulating you and others. Just the hard cold truth. Face it! We live in a concrete jungle where the stronger survive . You have no real rights or possession because the government can take it away from you at any time , so can a more powerful person. The real criminal are the government and big business they steal more from you than the common steer thug. Yet we pursue the street thug with such vigor.

I class this book up thee with Sun Tzu's Art of War, the 48 Laws of Power and the Prince. The manipulation techniques are truly subtle and sublime,yet truly effective. Read this book,at least three times to really learn it. Oh yes the author has graciously included a course of books for further learning.

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