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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

KosherTorah Protection

Protection from Evil - E-Book EditionProtection from Evil - E-Book Edition by Ariel Bar Tzadok
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Every once in a while one finds that they feel there is some negative energy following them and jinxing everything that they touch. If you are a New Ager or some follower of an arcane occult tradition you may find yourself doing a ritual to protect yourself or ward off the energy. Most religious Jews will probably not feel this way, cause mainstream Judaism by and large no longer really believes in the occult. They may believe in idol worship but do not practice it. Yet some occultist might try to influence the mind of an orthodox Jews. The author believes that thy use some fort of hypnosis or hypnotic suggestion to get into the mind of the Jew or any individual for that matter. The best practice is not to sin. The author does not go into too much detail about Wicca, Voodoo or Santeria. On one hand he says the practitioner occult ability is not based on working with spiritual powers but rather hypnotic techniques or power of suggestion. Other times he will say that there power is derived from unholy spiritual powers of the Sitra Achra. He does not really fear these curses put out by these people.

There are two spiritual beings that humans must be fearful of. The first are the Shedim, demons who were half formed during the days of creation and never completed. They tend to fed off the spiritual essence of offerings and energy. When people leave offering for gods or other entities many of the time it is demons disguising themselves as these gods? This happens even during meditative communication. How can we know if anyone is who they say they are on the astral realm? Demons feed off of sinful energy and sometimes psychic energy of sorcerer. They also feed of on blood offering. Shedim want to sign pacts with us so they can dominate us and our families. The second one is an earth spirit or Dybbuk. The displaced spirit is drawn to sin full behavior and want to take over the hosts body so it can live sinfully once again.

There are many spiritual creatures that we share the planet with. One is an angel called Mazal that directs the life force of the divine into our vessel. There are other angels who take on a name based on the temporary job they are tasked to do. Different angels can be a Michael and an angel can be a Michael or an Uriel. Mazal acts like a guardian angel and in the past people would attack their victims Mazal rather than them directly. There are also warrior angels. The author does believe in Earth spirits like faeries and dwarves. He states that most want nothing to do with us unless they want to drain our energy.

Fear of the evil eye is prevalent. The author one time was walking down the street with a female acquaintance when she noticed another woman more smartly dressed than she was. The acquaintance called the “smartly” dressed woman a nasty name. Moments later the woman was hit by a bus. The glance of envy is given without the giver even noticing it. The best way to avoid the evil eye is to dress modestly and do not show off.

Many sorcerers try to get into your mind especially advertisers. The way to beat this is to close your mind and eyes from sin. Take a verse from the bible and some of your own stuff and prey.

If you believe in the possibility of psychic attack, this book will tell you the spiritual strategies to protect yourself but more importantly the author will instruct the reader to live righteously. No point in locking the gates against evil when you allow evil in through the back door.

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