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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Journey to the Underworld

Lost GodsLost Gods by Brom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The gods are battling it out again, deities ranging from
A variety of ancient religions. The story starts off with the ghost of a young boy trapped in a cemetery, where he is constantly tormented by two demon boys. Good thing they cannot get him or they would tear him apart.

Enter Chet Moran, just out of prison for a drug dealing charge. His girlfriend is the daughter of a judge who does not approve of drug dealers. When he goes to retrieve his pregnant girlfriend a chase ensues where in he runs over his old PE coach.

Guilty of murder with an angry judge on their tail they decide to hide out at grandmother Lamia's house. She is a healer and a witch with a dark secret. The cemetery is near her house as are a hoard of ghost children. When Chet wanders out well they tear him apart.

Now a spirit he must rescue his girlfriend and unborn daughter from a terrible fate. He journey to the underworld to retrieve a key that can save everyone. In purgatory the old gods are struggling to hang on. The colonel and his green oats are killing the old gods with the help of demons from Hell. Chet gets caught up in the mess and a great adventure ensues.

Reminded me a lot of Neil Gaumans American Gods which I liked as well. Borrowing motifs from several religions the reader will
Enjoy the romp through the underworld.

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