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Monday, August 29, 2016

Witch Mother...Story of Doren Valiente

Doreen Valiente WitchDoreen Valiente Witch by Philip Heselton
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Without her the craft of the wise, or the Old Religion would not look the way it does now. Doreen Valiente would argue rather strongly against the term mother as she would not want to birth children into this cruel world. At an early age she was drawn int the world of the occult. Born Doreen Edith Dominy in Mitcham county England, she had a strong calling for the occult and mystical form a very early age.On her mother's side there were relatives who could see and speak with faeries or spirits. This ability seems to have passed on to Doreen. Many times she would see apparition that no one else could see. She also started working with sympathetic magic at an early age without even knowing it. One spell she cast, plagued a worker who was harassing her mother. A black crow would constantly follow this woman until she left the place of employment. Do what thou wilt but harm ye none.

Her father was a droughts an working in construction , never quite made it as a architect and the family seems to have gone through financially difficult times. As a student Doreen was very bright, this go her a scholarship into a convent or religious school , but it was not her. So she left. THe rest of her life is a whirl wind of adventure. She studied verses occult works and occultist such as Crowley, THeosophy and the Golden Dawn. Doreen also studied spiritism and seances. Later n armed with knowledge she would come into contact with Gerald Gardner.Gerald would both teach her and in turn be taught by her.She helped rewrite his entire book of shadows and his rituals, thus eliminating a wall the forgeries of Crowley. Later on she tire of Gerald Gardners publicity seeking antics and break away from him. Later on she went to join the Covenant of Athos. Once she became familiar with them she broke away. THey were trying to get information from her without giving her information in return. THEn she joined up with Robert Cochrane's < Clan of Tubal Caine.

Doreen lead an adventurous life.not only communing with the Ancient ones in the Hills at night. She was also a poet who wrote poetry for her rituals and to be published, although not until after her death. She also worked at Bletchely during World War II helping to decipher enemy communications. She work for the bureagh of Unempoyment doing desk work. Doreen also infiltrated the National Front, perhaps as a spine or perhaps as someone's seriously considering joining a racist white wing British group. In her life she had three loves. THe first husband Nicolo Vlachmous died at sea. Casemiro her second husband stayed with her until he died. He was an atheist but did not object to Doreen's practice of witch craft. Finally she ended up with her soul mate Ron Cooke. She died in 1999 having authored several books and collaborated with several well known witches. Great book! Well researched by Philip Heselton with input from Janet Farrar, Patricia Crowther and Ronald Hutton.

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