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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Devil's Daughter

Zeena LaVey - The Fallen DaughterZeena LaVey - The Fallen Daughter by Franco Halycon
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Definitely. Not Rosemary's but a whole lot more pleasant to look at. A biography of Anton Lavey's daughter, Zeena Schreck. Though by no means official or very thorough, none the less offers a critical and honest look at Both a celebrity in her own right and the daughter of a celbrity. Starting out as a high priestess for the Church f Satan she eventually had a falling out with the organization only two later on join ranks with the temple of Set and then later on her own.

Zeena Lavey was born in San FRancisco a couple of years later her father would baptise her in his Satanic Church. Before a naked woman and a few onlookers she was baptized. She would grow up with a twisted childhood where in she had numerous boyfriends and was finally pregnant at age 15 with Howard Stanton. She spent several years living on the street trying to take her of her needs. Eventually she moved back with her father. Promiscuity was a hallmark of her life, a lifestyle choice her father did not discourage. Having romps with her father's associates and believing that it was good for her fathers business, Anton Lavey merely smiled. Later on in life she would become a high priestess in her fathers organization. She also met Nicholas Screck, someone who the author describes as a nobody with grand ambitions. He wanted to become a high priest or someone important in the Church of Satan. Anton Lavey was not to keen on Nicholas. In rider to be someone important in the Church off Satan you have to be a person of importance in the outside world.

Zeena and Nicholas would eventually bot the Church of Satan and end up joining the Temple of Set. Once again not satisfied with their lack of importance in the new organization they would end up bolting the temple f Set as well. Independently , they formed the Order f the Werewolf and a werewolf band. THe band never amounted to much and their organization never really attracted too many members. They also opened a store on Holywood Blvd, which did not turn out well either. SOo they have their order of the werewolf with not too many members and both are rather quiet these days and are not generating too much publicity.

There are several things I liked about this book. One was the brutal honesty in which it describes the workings of the Satanic Church and the Temple of Set. It also separates the fiction from the Truth. Anton Lavey was fond of making boast that had no basis in reality. Many of these occultist make it like they have accomplished something major while the reality presents a different story. Zeena and co do speak some hard truths about organized religion and paganism. The goddess is not always seems as a mother but sometimes as the apex predator. Zeena and her husband have formed their own brand of self taught sex magic and left hand path practices. What they are doing now who knows.

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