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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

into the magisterium

The Iron Trial (Magisterium, #1)The Iron Trial by Holly Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The story starts off with the Mage Allistairs hunt scaling a cliff to save his family and other. When he reaches the top he finds to his horror that everyone is dead except his child , Callum. Beside his dead wife is a message exhorting him to kill the child. Allistair wants nothing to do magic. But Callum has a destiny.

Here is where things get Harry Potter like. Callum is selected to take a test in order to be admitted into a magic school called Magisterium. Callum tries to fail, only to find himself an apprentice to the Mage Rufus. Together with Aaron and Tamara the explore the world to world of magic and the caves of the magisterium. Along the way they meet new friends and make new enemies. Callum befriends a fire lizard and a chaos driven wolf.

Callum has a special destiny as does his friend Aaron. All is revealed at the end. Callum finds out why his father does not want him learning magic. Constantine Madden has plans for Callum. The enemy of death, Constantine, brings foul magic into our world so as to cheat deTh. But immortality comes with a price.

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