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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Voodoo and hte History of Liberia

Behind Devil's Rock: The 1977 Maryland Ritualistic KillingsBehind Devil's Rock: The 1977 Maryland Ritualistic Killings by Dr. Sylvester Youlo
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Voodoo Story Liberia

Liberia is an African city state founded by freed African Slaves from America back in the 1860"s. The African nation is dominated by a class of ruling elite descended from former American slaves. The nation like other nations in that region is super corrupt with the elite treating the natives like dirt. I would call this novel a work of historical fiction.

High School student, Dan Freeman, is looking it over the ocean concerned about the resurgence of ritual killings. Bodies of people kidnapped and mutilated. Mo is a rising singer who gets an opportunity to make the spotlight by fronting for a band called "Trumpeters" Mo is also having an affair with Sarah, an unhappy wife of Mr. Boyle. After seeing the husband beat his his wife Mo intervenes . Boyle vows revenge.

THe power elite are losing their elections and feel that they need some ju ju in order to make things go their way. Shortly after his peak performance Mo is kidnapped. FOr a few days his friends d not know his whereabouts. Eventually witnesses me forward , the public gets involved and Mo's body is found. Behind Devil's Rock. This time the power elite are sheen to their core .Justice will be served but evil will always have the last word.

Over all good back. THe story keeps you riveted, filled with action and expanses of the Liberian coruption. THe dialogue could use some work and there were a few editing and spelling errors which diminishes the professionality of the book.

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