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Friday, April 1, 2016

Introduction to Ritual Magic

An Introduction to Ritual MagicAn Introduction to Ritual Magic by Dion Fortune
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Perhaps one of the best places to start off with in the book world of ritual magic would be Dion Fortune. She founded the Society of Inner Light and has a background in psychoanalysis. Her work explains the mechanics of magic and manages to remain down to earth. Gareth Knight is a student or at least someone who is strongly influenced by Dion Fortune.

This following book is co written by both and yet it was not. Garett Knight collected article that Dion Fortune wrote for her magazine, compiled them and then wrote Jos own chapter on the subject. I must say that it was easier to understand Dion Fortune than it was Gareth Knight. This is a surprise cause usually the older is harder to understand than the newer.

The book tackles a variety of subjects. Such topics are : types of mind working, Mind training, use of ritual,initiation, astral forms etc.

Some salient points that jump out are the importance of the mind in doing occult operTions, The mind must be trained to pick up psychic sparks and perceive entities. The mind must be slowly trained to do these things. Remember magic is the art of changing consiousness at will. Dion is mind over matter just like I am. The sephirot of the quabalistic tree is the core of all western occultist. Moreover ritual has basic structure but the symbols change from
Pantheon to pantheon. Different sephirot can balance each other out.

Over all great book. Filled with information and easy to read. Thumbs up,

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