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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Entering the Qlippoth with Lilith

The Tree of the Shadows: Lilith: The Woman of the NightThe Tree of the Shadows: Lilith: The Woman of the Night by Daemon Barzai
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Exploring the dark tree of life is an exercise of  the left handed path, where in the individual strives to realize their own divinity and godhood. Enter the dark tree is  magical work that takes place without an external teacher. It is one that is solitary and internal. You contact demons and gods who dwell in these dark realms. they are the ones who guide you.

Opening these portals can be risky business.Once open they do nbot close rather those energies come into your life offering permanent change. You have to be ready for it.

The first Qlippa you enter is the dark side of malkuth or kingship. This is ruled by Naamah , sister and or daughter  of Lilith. She rules over the earthly realm but has influence in other astral realms as well. When you call her you will sometimes see a host of other beings who dwell in the Qlippotrh. Her realm is filled with vampires and succubi and incubi.They can trap the magician in his desire and slowly drain his energy. One must cut through the veil of pleasure and crack the illusion. THe book is filled with invocations, mediations and evocations.

Next you work with Lilith as she is present in realms of the Qlippoth. After that is Lucifer. Lucifer, is powerful on certain dates like Easter and Saint John's night. He is a teacher who teaches with the use of tricks. He can be a hard teacher but once you learn his ways you find his friendship of extreme value. He is best summoned on a moonless night at the crossroads.

Belial is the consort of Naamah. He is a ruler of earthly riches and lustful desires. In the biblical times temple of lust were dedicated to him. Great balance to the energy of Naamah. finally you consult with Behemoth, a giant dragon of the underworld. There is a good meditation with him where you come down a mountain littered with skeletal  bones. THe book finishes off with a self initiation ritual.

The book provided for a super fast read which is both a strong point and a weak point. On the one hand the book was short and there were some editing issues in it. THe company needs to improve on editing  the works they publish. THe fact that I read it quickly meant that it was enjoyable reading and comprehendible . All the ritual are simple and easy to perform . THey can be done inside your temple or outside. Many use the option of blood drops to open gates. I am not down with blood. If anything take what you need and discard the rest. Not bad.

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