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Monday, April 18, 2016

Modern Day Egyptian Rituals

Eternal Egypt: Ancient Rituals for the Modern WorldEternal Egypt: Ancient Rituals for the Modern World by J. Reidy Richard J. Reidy
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More  and more  people are finding inspiration in the ancient religious concepts of the Ancient Egyptians.  THere gods are coming to life again it would seem, after being put away for so long of a time. The Jewish Talmud states that God gave 10 measures of magic to the world, 9 of those he gave to Egypt and one he gave to the rest of the world.

MAny groups and people have sought to worship or work with the Ancient Deities but never in an Egyptian way. Wicca and Ceremonial Magick tried to combing it with Judeo-Christian concepts and according to the author that is not the way to go with Egyptian Gods. Other more modern groups are studying the Ancient Egyptian texts and adapting it to modern times.
One such group is the Temple of Ra in San Francisco. is one such group. Richard Reiedy a member of the group is the author of this book. A sad shame that he passed on too Amenti earlier in 2015

This book is a compilation of rituals for use in Modern day. Certain modification have been made to keep things current and acceptable. Many of them are daily rituals.  THere are mooring rituals for greeting Re. An evining ritual to honor Hathor. Egyptian ritual is not about praying to a god and that is it. There is an emphasis on purity and right living and living in accord with Maat, or truth.  THe rituals are complex but people will want to do them. THey are loaded with psychic power due to having been done so much. That power can be accessed for results. The spoken word is powerful. WHen doing rituals Priest of participant will perform the ritual as though they are a god.

I may not do things the way the author does but I will make modification based on what I read. Truly a good book for those wanting to follow the Kemetic way.

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