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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Letters of Astrology

Images of Soul: Reimagining AstrologyImages of Soul: Reimagining Astrology by Hadley Fitzgerald
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Perhaps in order to appreciate this work one needs to have a strong basis in psychotherapy and/or astrology . I got almost nothing out of this book. This book is not a written work of fiction or even a book on spirituality it is rather a collection of letters between two psychotherapists/astrologers . I saw this book recommended in a new age magazine given for free in a health food store .

A book liked this should have some kind of working and more mediations . It has a few mediations and some case examples that talked about treatment.
One interesting case involves an East Europeam man whose mother ran opput on the family when he was really young. He never really got over it. Later on he would meet a girl of almost the same appearance and very intriguging. She was in his life briefly then flitted away. He wanted to find her but could not. It could be his Daimon or guardian angel moving him to accept her as his muse.

Some interesting concepts might be that the astrological signs or the Grek gods could be used as archetyupes for further spiritual development . The book had some good ideas implanted within but letters do not do them justice nor help them to develop . At m,sot the reader will have an entertaining read. Combining the concepts of tarot, psychotherapy and astrology can have some preteen amazing results . On that note this book fails to deliver.

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