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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Volsung Saga

The Wolf and the Raven (Wodan's Children #1)The Wolf and the Raven by Diana L. Paxson
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Here come another tale of Sigfrida and Sigfrid or Brunhild, better known as the Volsumg Saga. Sigfrid is the son of Sigmund, who was a shape strong war lord who could change into a wolf. Sigmund was slain and his son was raised by the Albings. But trouble does not stop following the son of the cursed leader. Heming a member from an enemy tribe recognized the boy and tried to kill him. Fortunate with only a broken arm the boy leaves the village and his mother behind. Learning the ways of the forest and the forge, he is raised by Ragen, one of the indigenous earth people who were there before the Germans and the Roman.

Brunhild is the niece of Attila the Hun. Dark skinned and green eyes she befriends Gudrun daughter of a king. Together they visit a forbidden well. It is from
This point that she is selected by Wodan and taught the eats of the Vallyrie. It is in fox dance mountain thAt she learn magic and fighting skills.

In the end Sugfrid must battle fFafnar for treasure and avenge his father. The fighting separates him From Regan and Brunhilds battle behavior seperTes her from the Valkyries. Along the road they meet up.

Diane Paxson knows her Norse literature, religion and magic. She pours that expertise into her retelling of the story. She is on the level of Marion Zimmerman Bradley in fact she took over where Marion left off,
Definitely got to read more of her stuff.

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