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Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Witches Taperstry

A Tapestry of Witches A History of the Craft in America, Volume 1, To the Mid -1970'sA Tapestry of Witches A History of the Craft in America, Volume 1, To the Mid -1970's by Aidan Kelly

A Tapestry of Witches

I have read several books by Aidan Kelley and read the history contained within these pages in more than one place. Of all these sources many I have given good recommendation to , this one is the exception.

The history outlined or discussed is rather thread bare and missing many details that should have or could have been discussed. Instead you get a chronicle of events filled with dates and times thrown in your direction. The book is filled with member lists and coven lists and many of these might not even be functioning. something you will not remember after you close the pages of this book. The book is also very short as well. Half of the book is filled with list like appendices. I am glad I did not buy this book but rather lent it off the Kindle Library.

The history the book gives over could be readily found in Margot Adler's Drawing Down the Moon and a few other work. THE book functions as a historical chronicle of the Witchcraft movement in the US. Much of the action takes place in California and the East Coast. It could also be noted that the population of Pagans doubles in size very two years. But as the author will tell you and this is something that I agree with witchcraft and Paganism are not the same thing in all cases. A statement  I agree with. 

Wicca came to AMerica in the early to mid sixties under the guidance of Raymond Buckland, who studied directly under Gerald Gardner. One of the strongpoints of this book is that gives a good history of pre Gardnerian witches in the States and they did not consider themselves pagan. Groups like the Russian witches of Los Angeles, the Feri Traidtion, Ozark Withces and the Church of all Worlds. That is just naming a few.

Many of these groups have been highly influenced by Gardners system especially the use of casting the circle and calling quarters. Some of the groups did worship the lord and lady, some just the lady and others considered GOD to be female and male.

THe book tells how the Pagan movement gradually slid from coven based to more group based and over all being more open to solitaires and self initiations. There is in depth history on New Reformed Order of the Golden Dawn and the Church of all Worlds.

Good book to read from a lending library but not worth buying.

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