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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Elven Moon of Youth

Elven Moon of Youth Casting the Circle As you walk the perimeter of your circle say: By the power of this sacred Athame I hereby draw Down the power of the great stars to cast this circle of power.  Calling the Quarters Walk to the edge of the circle in each direction and speak, hold up the proper sacred object.  Speak I call to Formen, the north, and its power and strength. I call to the Dwarves, Durin’s folk, masters of metalcraft. Join me in my circle. Aiya.  Hold up a stone I call to Rómen, the east, and its glory. I call to the Elves, the Eldar who bring learning and beauty to Middle-earth. Join me in my circle. Aiya.  Hold up Athame I call to Hyarmen, the south, and its untrodden wilds. I call to the Hobbits, people of the Shire with joyful spirits. Join me in my circle. Aiya.  Hold up wand I call to Númen, the west, and its mysteries. I call to the Vanyar, first and smallest of Tol Eressëa across the western sea. Join me in my circle. Aiya. Hold up chalice  Purpose of the Ritual: is to invoke triple goddess of fate and Tulkas. We ask the the Goddess of fate to free us from past negativity and for Tulkas to give us warrior strengths to take on the future challenges Invocations To Eru Iluvatar:  My Creator Eru, bestow Thy blessings and Thy mercies on all persons and on those souls who abide in the Halls of Mandos for whom I am in charity, gratitude, or friendship bound and have the desire to pray. Amen To Tulka:  Youngest of the Valar warrior of strengths and mirth, defeater of Morgoth. We honor you this evening by performing this ritual aand offering libations unto thee. Great warrior as you have with your great strengths defeated Morgoth all while laughing I pray that you give me and anyone else who calls upon thee to give them strength to over come and light hearted nature to enjoy the challenge and make it easier. To Vaire: Sacred weaver mistress of fate. Owner of the past, keeper of the present, creator of the future. sometimes one and sometimes three. Past present and future, no one escapers the weave of time and no one can overpower destiny be they man or valor. In the past thee have been called the norns, poire and moire. On to pull the three , the other to cut and one to measure. Let our souls sail across the western to see to Valinor help break the chains of the past so that we can be free for the future. This is the moon of youth dancing we shall do with the coming of spring. It is spring that brings us forth to the new year. Flowers bloom and blossom. Young shoots spring. The warrior is filled with Vigor, strengths overcomes the powers of death and sorrow. Tulkas came unto Morgoth's fort in Angaband. None else could oppose him all the other Valar were powerless. None knew what to do but you smashed down the obstacles and overpowered the wicked Morgoth. Smiling you were as you trounced upon him. Finally overcome you locked him deep  with in the halls of mandos. With the coming of this new year we call upon Viare to the cut away the webs of the past that hold us back. Break us free of bad habits, negative thoughts and addictions. Break them break them make them go away. Slowly they fade slowly they fade and now they are gone. We call upon Tulkas the great warrior to give us strengths in order to smash down the future obstacle that stand in the way of us and our will. strengths strengths strengths, smashing down the walls smashing down thew wall our will is achieved  Meditate  15 minutes breathing, 15  minute tree and chakra exercise, 10 minute Vaire mediations and 10  minute Tulkas mediation. Vaire Mediation:   visualize yourself facing west, crossing a great ocean. You see a lovely island, the Blessed Realm. On the shores, you see a wondrous hall of gray stone. Vairë greets you here and shows you the stories woven into the fabric of your life thus far and even points out the fabric of your future. She shows you how to change it if it is not to your liking—fabric can be unraveled and rewoven. After you reveal your future goals, she now creates a special piece in what appears to be shimmering black and white threads, and gently places it on your shoulders. It is light and heavy at the same time and you are overwhelmed with emotion. She tells you it is representative of your destiny, and she wishes you well. Come back to where you are, knowing Vairë’s strength and constitution. Allow the fabric of your life to unfold. Tulkas mediation: Tulkas overpowers Morgoth and you aren there . All the while he gives you tips  on bhow to over come your problems. Finish of the ritual. Illuvatar:  Great Eru Illuvatar Divine creator. I bid thanks for your divine mercies an beneficences. With love I bow and bid you farewell Holy Father. Laita Tulkas great warrior I bid you thanks for lending your strengths to the rituals anded assistance to over come obstacles. With admiration I bid thee farewell. Laita Vaire: Great weaver, triple goddess , harbinger of the new year I give thee thanks for helping to clear away the cobwebs of the past that leave us chained top memories of pain and allow us not to move on. With gratitude I bid thee farewell. Laita Númen, west, holy Vanyar, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita.  Hyarmen, south, dear Hobbits, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita.  Romen, east, blessed Elves, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita.  Formen, north, stalwart Dwarves, thank you for your presence this night. I bid you farewell as I return to my own realm. Laita.  Facing the altar, say: My circle is open but unbroken, No longer sacred, this space I decree. Words of wonder have been spoken, In faith and unity blessed be. Laita.

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