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Sunday, April 19, 2015

THe Dragon of the Rhine

The Dragons of the RhineThe Dragons of the Rhine by Diana L. Paxson
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THe wheels of treachery are set into motion as the treachery of Grimhalda the witch casts her spell for the good of the Burgund tribe. It has been close to a year since Sigfrid has been with Sigfrida. During that year she has given birth to a young daiughter,. Sigrfird has ventureed off and is now fighting foir the Burgunds who are called the Dragons of the Rhine.

Set in the 5th century the Europena  continent is broiling in turmoil, in this frightening world alliances are everything. For King Gundahar to marry Brunhilda  would ally the Burgunds with the powerful Huns who grow stronger with each passing day. TO marry Gudrun with Sigfrid would be worthy mathc as well and would securre a great warrior for their tribe. Oaths are made spell are cast the web of wyrd will not be denied.

Sigfrid forgets his vows to Brunhilda and little does he know that Gundahar is being set up to marry Brunhilda bybn the devious Grimhalda But the only person who can marry her is someone who can dfdfeat her in battle  Only Sigrid can do that. 

This is story of the old gods and old ways filled with treachery and suspense, The web of wyrd will have it's way. Being a wolf is not safe the od sacrifices will be honored.

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