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Monday, March 2, 2015

The World of the Jinn

Revealing The Mystery Behind The World Of Jinn (Volume 0)Revealing The Mystery Behind The World Of Jinn by Salim Ahmad
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THe Jinn those naughty spirits of fire who do not like mankind live in an unseen world often times inaccessible to us due to our limited capacity. Rare is the individual that has glimpsed into that world. A glimpse is a gift from Allah based onn spiritual power or a gift from the Jin. If it is a gift from the Jinn beware as it comes with a price . hen the Jinn tell a human something it is usually truth mixed with lies because the Jinn want to see us go down to Hell on judgement day.

The author has written an easy to read and understand book on the nature of the Jinn, especially from a Muslim prespective. THe ease of reading and comprehehdnability is a major plus. THe book also reads a bit like a missionary pampphlet that wants to convert you to Islam or be a more righteous Mulsim. It would have been nice to the book included some nomn ISlamic perspectives in Jinn and related type spirits. Also a more in-depth history of this phenomena would have been a plus. Do not forget that these spirits were around before the advent of ISlam.

No less, Ibls king of the Jinn refused to bow down to Adam, the first man. For this he was barred from heaven but given permission to harass people until judgement day. The only people saved from Iblis's wrath are those trusted servants of Allah. You see the Jinn would wipe us out if it were not for the protection of Allah. THe Jinnwith their bodies of fire can move at the speed of light, shape shift , disappear and dimension hop, where as we with our bodies of clay can do none of those things.

In many ways the Jinn are like us. They have emotions, governments, thoughts and feelings. THey dwell next to us in the same time and space.  They also follow religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism. They are more numerous then we are. Despite this even some Muslim commentators say that Muslims should not be friends with Muslim Jinn while others call it ok.

THere are several reason why Jiinn choose to mess with human being and there are several ways in which they do so. Sometimes a Jinn will fall in love with a human being. When this happens sometimes the Jinn will shape shift into that persons significant other and have a relationship. Other times they will possess the individual and whisper suggestion into them in order to do crazy things. THey can also possess someone and take control of their body. There are times when humans will  have offended Jinn. If you throw boiling water out of  the window or in a toilet without say a certain prayer you might kill some Jinn. THE family members will retaliate. If you try to move into a place where Jinn are living like an abandoned house, morgue or cemetery you may incur the wrath of the Jinn.

If someone is possessed by Jinn it takes a real holy person to drive them out. One could chant certain Koranic Surahs and hit the body of the host to drive it away. THe exorcist could also speak to  it gently asking it to leave.. Yet there are Jiinn who would help humans and sometimes their motives are pure but other times there is an ulterior motive.

Before the Prophet Muhammad Jinn could steal a hearing from heaven and give it over to a fortune teller or  sorcerer. THe words were usually mixed in with lies. Because the Jinn are out to destroy human. Sometimes people are given special abilities because of Jinn but as soon as the Jiinn leave those abilities go also. Over all it does not pay to mess with the world of the Jinn. 

THe book shows historical incidents from the Koranic period of how the Jinn have tried to sabotage humanity. Cain and Abel  was provoked by Ibls as was the eating from the tree by Eve another provocation from Iblis. THe Gods that the ancients worshipped were also Jinn who wanted to be worshipped like Gods. In fact idols that are worshipped today are really gods but Jionn inhabited. THe reader is warned not to mess with them.

So if someone start acting not themselves or really hysterical  itr could be metal illness or it could be the Jinn. UFO's and other phenomena are also attributed to the Jinn. After all they can shape shift and take what ever form they desire. Since we are infatuated with space why should they not use that as a ruse.

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