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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jinn Wars

The Fire Wish (The Jinni Wars, #1)The Fire Wish by Amber Lough
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Fire wish is the most potent of wishes a Jinn can wield. It involves stealing the power of another Jinn and using it to make your or their wish. This new fare from Amber Lough is a nice packed story filled with innocent romance and a good deal of action.  A little blood is spilt but so what what. The young adults are getting a taste of the Jinn and I should say it is about time. Vampires and werewolves have had their fifteen minutes in the spotlight and so have the fairies so it is high time they move over and make way for the Jinn. I am not saying that this book will blow open the doors and make the Jinn famous but the story line would make for a great movie and a movie would blow things open for the Jinn.

The story line is rather familiar, two girls who look alike but grew up in different areas but come together and switch places. The story will change both of their lives. Zayele is a human girl who grew up in the Northern Iraqi town of Zab is selected by Hashim, vizier of the Caliph, to marry Kamal a prince in Baghdad. Najwa is a Jinn girl who grew up in the caverns below the earth. She has an ability to travel through thee Earth and go past some anti Jinn wards and enter the palace of Baghdad. She is a member of the Eye of Ibls, a sort of Jinn spy agency. When she enters the palace she sees Kamal and falls in love. As Zayele travels down the Tigris river she catches a hold Najwa and makes a wish for them to trade places. This causes their lives to change. Najwa becomes more human and Zayele more Jinn.

Good to note that the Jinn and mankind were at one time friends but events have soured the relation and now they are at war. Under Hashim's guidance Kamal is devising a weapon to wipe out the Jinn. Faisal on the other hand who is commander of the Jinn is about to find out what this secret weapon is . THat was Najwa's job. But Hashim is not such a good guy. In the end there is a conflict between human forces and Jinn forces and the lives of these gtwo girls will be changed for ever. Through the story they will learn about their connected past and their future paths aND LOVES WILL CHANGE..

Amber Lough spent time in the Middle East, especially in Baharain and later went into the militiary serving in Iraq.THe internal operation of the Jiinn base  is alot like a modern military base except that they use magical Jinn weapons instead of modern military weapons. For example Najwa has a tattoo on her hand that if she squeezed it will send an image to tthe eye of Iblis. Sound like James Bond but hey that is cool.

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