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Monday, March 23, 2015

Religion of the Indo-Europeans

Deep Ancestors: Practicing the Religion of the Proto-Indo-EuropeansDeep Ancestors: Practicing the Religion of the Proto-Indo-Europeans by Ceisiwr Serith
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FOr those of you that hold an interest in the spirituality of the Proto-Indo-Europeans then this book will be the one for you to read. THe author is very knowledgeable about the different Pagan religion if Europe, such as the Norse. Celtic and even going further into the realms of the Hindus. All of these rate necessary for a work of this order because they are Indo_Europeans. From somewhere near Central Europe or along the Southern part of Russian, or near Armenia the proto-Indo-Europeans spread out practically all over the world. Going as far West as Europe and far East as India. If you examine these religions you will find out that they have much in common. after all they come from the same source.

Many people are under the impression that old EUrope was a peaceful goddess worshipping place and that the Ino EUropeans who stormed into Europe were warlike horseback riders who worshipped male gods. Such talk is nonsense. Old Europe knew it's share of violence and wars. Not all Indo European culture was spread with the use of violence and war. In fact a lot of it spread through trade and people admiring their ways. There were also peaceful migrations where in the Indo -Europeans learned from their neighbors and their neighbors learned from them.

Documents pertaining to the Indo Europeans and their rituals are scant and far and few between . This of course leads to an accurate as can be reconstructions, most likely pulled from Norse, Hindu and Celtic sources. THe book delves into the hisotry of the people, common laws and customs along with reconsructed rituals at the end. If going Indo-European is your thing or you need a good strong book on Pagan religions then this book is yours to read.

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