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Friday, March 6, 2015

severed Souls

Severed Souls (Richard and Kahlan, #3)Severed Souls by Terry Goodkind
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Author Terry Goodkind has a distinct ability to take what should be a short story and stretch it out to be an epic. The war with the undead has begun in earnest. Hannis Arc has revived Emperor Saluchan and along with  his army of the dead and half people of the Shuntuck tribe are about to march on the peoples palace in Dhara. They lay waste to every town they come across that refuses to surrender. But it stops there and we return to Richard and Kahlan. ALong with the first file and two books later Jit's poison is still running through them and they are about to die. Dhara is too far away so they decide too  head on over to Saavedra where Irena a sorcereress informs them of a containment field. On the way over we have the usual company of Zed, Richard, Kahlan and Nicci. car a is out of action because her husband died. SO the venture continues to Saavedra. Before there journey begins a young girl, named Samantha unleashes her magic ability to bury a bunch of Shuntuck under an avalanche. BUt some of them have been programmed with occult powers. But the author never really continmues with that line. 

On the way to Saavedra they encounter monsters, cunning fool and a witch named Red. Ludwig Drier has control over the citadel and he has plans all his own. Evil rarely stays united. Along the way to the citadel they do meet with tragedy but you will have to read the book to find out.

Once at the Citadel they find themselves trapped by occult powers only to be rescued by a new batch of mord sith. More tragedy ensues and I wonder how the author will  continue this story after such an ending. If you like  the works of  this author then you will enjoy this installment. His writing style does get better with every book. But the author could learn to make use of some prewriting techniques and shorten the work a bit.

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