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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Light Bringer's Rebellion

Lucifer's Rebellion: A Tribute to Christopher S. Hyatt, PH.D.Lucifer's Rebellion: A Tribute to Christopher S. Hyatt, PH.D. by Shelley Marmor
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The Rebellion

No the title is not about Lucifer rebelling against God or storming the gates of Heaven to take over. In fact the book is not even about the devil. The idea behind the book is liberation of the self to pursue you own true will and peruse the great work if you even want to call it that. Written in dedication to magicians and therapist Christopher Hyatt who espoused  a radical philosophy that was considered to dangerous by the establish, the work comprises works by many different authors and contributors. Among the contributor are Osho, Israel Regardie, William Hyatt,Austin Osman Spare, Peter Conte, Lon Milo Duquetten and several others. The topics they cover are Marquise De Sade, Prayer, the use of language, martial arts and a few others.

Like I said the book is about liberation and breaking free from the crowd and choosing your own path. Our society and our parent have programmed us from the get go on what we are supposed to do , what to like and who to love. Often times this programming tells us to go against our own interest and not pursue our true will. Included in these messages are thought or recording that make us feel inferior or down, they eat away at our self confidence. This book is about breaking those chains that society has placed on us. This is dangerous to the powers that be, the church, the state and the multimillionaires who exploit the working class. This is the left hand path, recognizing your own god hood and letting everyone else realize theirs.

Starting off with an essay about Marquis De Sade, most known for his delight in torturing women. He ended up being imprisoned and died in an insane asylum. He was not imprisoned for what he did to the women he was imprisoned for defaming Christianity.Marquise saw it all. People in power engage in behavior that is not only immoral and hypocritical but also down right cruel to the people underneath them. They go off on hurting people. But De Sade wrote about self liberation and about an elite core of supermen who ran things and were more enlightened. They ran things. Most of his writing were suppressed as they brought up things that threatened the power structure.

Who are these enlightened being. In other essays they are people who have realized their own godhood and are pursuing their true will. They are not like sheep  that follow the heard where ever they go rather they strike their own path. THey do not get their rocks off by exploiting others. As for slaves they do not serve these enlightened ones rather they go about their psychic slumber and do what everyone else does. They are slaves.

The world is in deep trouble and their are some addresses of the political. But before that one must do the work inside and change the software in order to improve the hardware which is their brain. Robert Anton Wilson is a big proponent of changing how we use language.Change the language then change the perception of what you see and hear. Most people will that the computer is room for interpret at . What we should say if that the computer appears to be white. This leave room for different interpretation and flexibility for new information.

Osho, a philosopher from India, state that revolution have occurred constantly. The powerless take the power from those who hold it but nothing really changes. What he calls for is a rebellion that stems from the word yes rather then no and that rebellion takes place with. Start with love and opening the mind to better possibilities and watch it spread from person to person.

Some of the essays talk about politics.One particular essay is on the issue of gun control and how it pertains to the constitution. We have the right to own weapons for self defense. Yet the author is against registering them for fear a nzi like government will take them away. Another essay talks about Obama and his Obama care. I get the concept and the line of though but in terms of politics I believe to each their own and would not have placed such in a book like this.

On Christianity which has been hypocritical and bloody has reduced the populace to the thinking of sheep. Thanks to Christianity people believe in a cocent of armageddon. Such mistaken thinking is based on faulty translation and misunderstanding. We now now believe in it that we will probably create our own Armegedden. 

Over all excellent works by the authors. While my review gives a good over view and some depth I strongly advise you get the book and read it. It is only 4.99 on Amazon kindle. I took aery from this book a desire to plumb deeper into quantum psychology and that our language forms our thought which influences strongly our perception of reality.

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