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Monday, September 8, 2014

Seers of Old

Priestesses Pythonesses Sibyls - The Sacred Voices of Women Who Speak with and for the GodsPriestesses Pythonesses Sibyls - The Sacred Voices of Women Who Speak with and for the Gods by Sorita D'este
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In ancient times women had a much bigger part to play in religious affairs then they do now in the current monotheistic mode. Not only were they priestesses serving alongside the priest conducting rites to
The gods as they were in Egypt but they were also seers and oracles. In communication with the Gods they would deliver the divine message to the supplicant who came asking for their future or an augury. Sometimes it would be a priest or a female helper who would help interpret the message.

Sorita d'Este compiled a collection of essays and edited them. The essays give a broad over view of the practice and gives a sampling of broad and basic techniques. It can get you started and it can give you an overview if your interest is academic. However , if you wish to be an oracle or pursue these spiritual practices you will have to do further research or maybe find a group that will help you grow , fortunately in the back of the book there are more resources listed in a very thorough bibliography,

Author's like Katie Gerard and Janet Farrar who I
Am more then a little familiar with have made their contributions to this work, many others who I am not so familiar with made their contribution as well.

The essays cover a wide gambit of territory. There are contributions from Wiccan priestesses, Norse Shaman, Voudou practitioner, Egyptoan Priestesses and some historical Christianity.

Stories range from experiences all the way to historical research on the role of women prophets in early Christianity.

Techniques seem to by large fall I to the general category of ecstatic dancing leading roman exhausted trance state and sitting in a high chair listening to music in order to achieve trance.

The book is well worth the read . It would mark the first step of your journey . Enjoy and happy trails.

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