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Monday, September 15, 2014

For the Love of the Jinn

حوجنحوجن by Ibraheem Abbas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Set in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, A jinn and his family find that someone is moving into their abandoned house. A family of humans and the house according to humans had been left abandoned. For a moment they think of fleeing away from the humans to a town of Najaf Jinn called Yatmah. Najaf Jinn are Muslim jinn who believe in Allah. But Hawjan has a SLIGHT PROBLEM. He is in love with a human girl called Sawsan. Their contacts start out with the two communicating through a ouija board and then progress to a tablet. All the while Hawjan's mother warns him against getting overly involved with a human lover.

Things get complicated when Hawjan's cousin Xanam shows up. Xanam is acting as an agent of the Jinn King Hayaf. THe marids have magical  abilities and they want Hawjan to marry Jumara his cousin sonnthey can give the baby to King Hayaf. Sawsan also has brain cancer which keeps getting worse. Her father Dr. Abdulraheem has been taken in by sorcererors. It is us to Hawjan to save her. 

What follows are battle in the Jinn world so remote from human understanding. Hawjan learn to harness his powers and get along in our world. There are several confrontation between human and Jinn. Possessions occur as well.

While in the main this book may  never become a classic it made for entertaining reading. Thoroughly enjoyable as well as quick.THe book has been under some censure in Saudi Arabia and it may have been banned. But you can get it here.

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