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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sacred Fires of the Goddess

Hekate Her Sacred FiresHekate Her Sacred Fires by Raven Digitalis
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Avalonia has went ahead and put out another anthology dedicated to Hekate. This would mark the second of such a work  . Grand total  I think they have put out about four or five books dedicated to Hekate. This attest her popularity among the neo-pagans. Several well known authors in the pagan community have made their contributions to this work among them are: Shani Oates,John Canard, Emily Carding, Vikki Bramshaw, Rqaven Digitalis, Katherine Sutherland plus several others including David Rankine and Sorita D' Este.

A little background on Hekate is called for. Originally she is one of the titans and after the war between the Titan and the Gods she was one of the few that were not imprisoned in Tartarus. She was allowed to keep her domains as Goddess of Earth-Land-Sea. Her parents were Asteria, Goddess of the stars and Perses, a solar deity. Hekate took Asteria's jobs after she left the Earth. Through out the mytholgy she has been conflated with Persephone, Demeter,Isis and Ereskigal just to name a few. She is not known for her dalliances with other Gods but according to legend she has coupled with Hermes, and Zeus with a possible liason with Hades the king of the underworld.

Triplicate Goddesses appear a lot in ancient mythologies and Hekate is often depicted as having three heads, sometimes in animal form. She is the Goddess of the crossroads where three roads meet. Hekate like Hermes is a psychopomp which means that she guides people too the underworld and sometimes back . Dogs, owls, raven, pigs and wolves are sacred to her as are such herbs as aconite, wormwood, mugwort, cannabis and nightshade. She likes red wine, roses and jewel. She was a popular goddess back then and her popularity is growing with her resurgence.

Many of the authors or authoresses have had experiences where they went through loss and the worst part of their life and it was Hekate who guided them out of it or at least held their hand through it all. One woman had an abusive husband who beat her and killed her only son. She went to jail but ended up getting released in the end. One gentleman dedicated his life to Hekate and she took him to the next level. He lost everything and went through the lowest point in his life. This was part of an initiatory experience.

The reader will gain a lot of knowledge reading this book. Howver if one wishes to work with Hekate on a regular basis I would also like to advise reading Tara Sancehz's book "The temple of Hekate"

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