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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vampyre's Guide to Protective Magick

Beneath the Sheltering OakBeneath the Sheltering Oak by Belfazaar Ashantison
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This is one that you will definitely want to read , especially if you are into protections spells and what not. The book is full of them and that is the entire content of the book protection spells. There is no rambling here just straight to the point instruction on how to do your protective magic. Another thing I like about the author is that he keeps it really simple and easy to follow. His favorite protective incenses seem to be Jasmine and Sandalwood. His method is a bit different from what I have been used to . He first calls his quarter and then casts his circle. His candle and incenses are lit before doing anything. His outlook seems to be primarily Wiccan as he calls upon the Earth mother and Sky Father.
There are different types of protective magic. The two most common ones are shields and wards. Shields seem to be more of a temporary protection that goes around with the person being protected. A ward is more permanent and tends to stay in one place. Finally there are mantras which help being about protection that are used in a quick jiff if you need them. There are also more complex protection spells.
Simple wards are used with a mantra and connected to a place or object in the house. More complex may require a ritual of sorts. The thing is how do you decide which one you wish to use. Well four simple things will help. 1) Who are you protecting? 2) How much time do you need. 3) Check your supplies and finally, 4) How much money do you have? Fortunately there are ma y affordable magical actions here in this book.
With shield ones can link them to a hand gesture. Something like snapping your fingers or arching your fist over your body raise a magic shield To lower your magic shield use a dismissive hand gesture. The object here is to keep it simple so as it is easy to remember. Verbal commands are another way of enacting a shield. For verbal commands it is advised to use one to two syllable words and not long winded phrases. Also when making a command you should bark it out like a drill seargent.
Now let us go into shield techniques of a more advanced nature. First off you will need a white or red candle, incense and 20 minutes. First you light your incense and then you light your candle. Stare at the flame envisioning thoughts of being safe. Holding on to those feeling of safety see the aura around the flame and then visualize that aura around you. Imagine it is made of the densest material and that only you can control what passes through it. This shield can be recharged by any light source.
The Circle of Stones technique is a technique that uses the Earth mother power to invoke protection. First you pick one stone either quarts or opal and feel the entire stone in your hand. Feel the stone filling your hand with warmth and having that warmth travel to your heart. It’s energies mingle with your energies.
Now different stones have different uses. Red ones have very active energy that strengthens the body and will. Long thin stones are the male aspect and can be worn around the neck or hung near windows for protection. Smokey quartz not only protects but also clouds the vision of anyone who is trying to read you. Opal aids in whatever you like especially if you are not harming others. Foot shaped stones can protect the feet, while triangular stones can condound and confuse any bad intent. Citrine, salt, amber ,opal apache tear and smoky quartz can be used as a protective circle. For further references the author advises using Cunningham’s book on crystal magic.
Not only can rocks be used but also colors can be used as well and we all have our comfort colors. These colors can be invoked for protection. A nice spell was included but I decided to leave it out of the review. You can always read the book to learn I though. But a simple technique involves using a flower pot, soil, 4 larger stones and 24 smaller ones. Your large stones will be painted as follows North is blue, East is yellow, south is red, West is green. Now when the stones are dry with a silver paint pen draw in some protective symbols then charge them for there purpose. When done fill your pot with soil from your yard and potting soil. Mix them thoroughly letting the energy from your hands charge it up. When doen press down on the soil and place the stones in their respective places. The ares between the painted stones are filled smaller stones then you can place the persons picture or name in the center.
Chords of protection is a simple protection simple and I just love simplicity. For this you take a gfoot long red cord. In the Middle you say “With knot one this spells begun” then move to the left end and tie a knot saying “With knot two we shall see it though” Then go all the way to the right end and tie a knot saying “With knot three I gather energy” Then go back to the left between the central knot and the left end knot and tie a knot saying “With knot four protections at the core” Move back to the right again and between the central knot and right end knot tie a knot saying “With knot five protections come alive” Now move to the left between knot 2 and 4. Tie another knot and say “With knot six all harm is nixed” then you move right between knot 5 and 3. Tie another knot saying “with knot seven no harm will get in”. Now move left again and go between knots and 4 . tie a knot and say “With Knot eight I seal harm’s fate” Finally move right between knots one and five tie a knot and say “With Knot nine the last I tie no harmful intent will come nigh.”
Another quick shielding technique involves thirty minutes of your time, incense and a red or white candle. Light your incense and let the area permeate with safety. Let it also grow within you. Light your candle and focus on the flame. Draw the protective feeling deep within your body. Next focus on your heartbeat and then your blood and it’s travels through the body. Now take the protective energy within you and put it into your blood and have it flow freely through out. The protection is now within you.
Another quick and easy is get three red candles etch them with a symbol of protection and anoint them with a protection oil. Place them in triangular fashion. Light the first one saying “Lord and Lady I call upon thee with this first of candle three May protection be granted to ( persons name) Light the second candle saying “Thank You Lord and Lady for the protection offered to (Persons name) Finally light the third candle saying “I claim protection of the lord and lady with this third candles three. So mote it be , so mote it be”
Lamps and Lanterns are also useful. Mix the unscented lamp oil with these essential oils. 3 parts jasmine, 3 parts sandal wool, 1 part Tunisian opium, 1 part Somalian black rose, 1 part honeysuckle and 1 part patchouli. This could also be worn as a body oil for protection or put into a potpourri ring.
This review has given over but a sample of the protection magic offered in this book. I am copying other stuff down for my own book of shadows or grimoire. If you want to find out more read the book.

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