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Friday, November 8, 2013

Heart Warming Channukah Story

Nine Spoons: A Chanukah StoryNine Spoons: A Chanukah Story by Marci Stillerman
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A wonderful little children's book that can be read in an hour. Gives a great over view for children about Jewish culture and the experience of a comunity under duress. Oma the grandmother tells a story of her childhood experience in the concentation camp. Nights before Channukah it is snowing out and the people want to celebrate channukah. A craftswoman who sews clothes and workes well with her hand is given the task. But she needs nine spoons in order to craft her menorah. Spoons are like gold and people do not part with them easily. So the race is on to find the spoons. Will they make it? Along the way miracles occur. People show solidarity by giving up their precious spoons. SOme are found by miracle on the ground and some are pilfered from Nazis. The community is involved but they must do it without the Nazi guards finding out.

A heartwarming story about solidarity and community unity in the face of adversity. Enjoy

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