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Friday, November 15, 2013

History of the Jedi

The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the ForceThe Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force by Daniel Wallace
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It is said that the fastest or at least one of the fastest growing faiths in Britain right now is the Jedi faith. It must mean that there are books about Jedi spirituality out there just waiting to be read by the avid seeker. Sadly this book is not one of them, although I expected it to be so. This book while not being what I would call a bad book left me a bit disappointed on several fronts.
For a kindle book it did not look like a kindle format but rather it looked like someone scanned in the pages of a fancy book. None of the usual kindle feature worked with it either. Such function would include high lighting and sharing to your facebook account. Another problem that faced this book in both kindle and printed format was the shortness or brevity of the book. Glance at the number of pages in this book and you will see what I mean. For such a short book the price was very high as well. Most books averaging 9.99 and if they are of few pages they will even be cheaper.
While not offering the spiritual seeker much it does have some value documenting the history of the Jedi for kids. Now we all know that the Jedi universe is not comprised solely of the vision of George Lucas but that of several other authors who have made their contributions. Let us clear up something else while we are at it. In the original scheme of things Darth Vader was not Annikin Skywalker. Much like the original premise in the first movie where Luke was informed that his father was killed by a young apprentice Darth Vader, the original story has Annikin named as Annikin Starkiller and he is a top notch fighter who gets killed by Darth Vader.
The book itself documents the historical rise of the Jedi on their home planet. They soon branch out and are forced to flee when there is the first of several wars involving the Sith. Their main academy is on Coruscant. The book gives a brief insight onto the Jedi philosophy and describes the path from beginning to end of the Jedi. Starting with the younglings who chosen at a very young age and then going through the Padawan stage, knighthood and then finally being a Jedi master. The book describes life inside the training center. Jedi do not just fight. Some are healers, some philosophers, other work with farming techniques. Alo on discussion are some applications of the force, sabre techniques and how a young Padawan would go about building their own light sabre. The book has several informative diagrams and illustrations that assist the reader in comprehending the material and light sabre techniques.
Through out the book are scrolling and notes left by previous Jedi knights who had studied the book. I do not know if this is supposed to make one believe the book is authentic or not but I took it as a joke like something to be laughed at. Well if you are looking for a history and over view of the Jedi then this book would be one for you to get.

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