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Monday, November 25, 2013

Canadian Celts

FellwaterFellwater by Brendan Myers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Katie Corrigan and Eric LaFlamme are at a crucial point in their relationship. A make or brake point in time when Katie is questioning their relationship. When asked about the nature of their love Eric of course being the typical guy answers it the wrong way. This send Katie to a couple of clubs and a bar where in she meets a dark and handsome stranger. Carlo Di Angelo is his name. He is the leader of a hidden house that dates back from Roman times. He wants Katie to be part of his house as Katie has a special destiny. He invites her to his mansion and takes her to the inner temple. Where in she is given a special elixir that knocks her out cold and leaves her disoriented for several days.
Meanwhile someone breaks into Eric’s apartment and tries to kill him. Going on the run he steals a car and gets picked up by some corrupt cops. In jail he is interrogated by a corrupt attorney named Nicholas who claims that Katie has been engaged with Carlo for quite a while and that soon they are to be married. None of this makes sense to Eric. Coming to the rescue is the House of Brigantia. Some lady named M gets Eric out of the mess and also helps Katie.
What follows is a wild pursuit of Katie by Carlo and several threats against Eric’s life. Turns out that the House of brigantia is a celtic tribe that managed to create a mystical grove called Fellwater. Carlo sort of wants that as well. Along the way Katie finds out that she is pregnant with a child, all thanks to Carlo’s evil doing. Katie is also descended from the Morrigan, another ancient Celtic Goddess.
Carlo believe that he is Jupiter incarnate. He has big plans that could involve both Katie and the child whose name is Tara. At one point Carlo kidnaps the child and a magical rescue attempt ensues. This leads to battle between the Roman house of Di’Angelo and brigantia. Katie is also told by M that she is to succed her as Queen of the House of brigantia.
The battle is rough with man y dead of both side. The trees take part in the battle and some key characters die both during the battle and after the battle. Always interesting to know what one thinks death really means.
The book was over all very entertaining to read and thoroughly enjoyable especially if one is into Celtic mythology. It shows that the author has done some reading on the subject of Celtic lore but the book does not go entirely into depth, which for this piece of literature is appropriate. There are sequels planned and it will be interesting to see if the Celtic mythos are more thoroughly explored.

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