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Friday, July 26, 2013

Wizards First Rule

Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth, #1)Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind
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The first book of any series is always the best. Most of the subsequent books did not match up to this first one until the author's later writing. Funny that I read this book last of all the others. The TV series "Legend of the Seeker" was not true to the book. The TV series changed things up and left a lot out. The Mud people and Scarlett the dragon were left out of the TV series. Darken Rahl was Richards father in the book not Panis Rahl as in the TV series.

The story starts off with Richard wandering in the woods of Westland for three weeks after his father is brutally murdered. He comes across some trees that are near the boundary between the Midlands and Westland. Snake vines are growing and killing the trees. Richard Cypher himself gets stabbed by one of their thorns. The boundary is acting a bit weird these days things are coming out that should not be coming out. Richard notices a huge flying beast come from over the boundary. As he wanders back to Hartland he has his encounter with Kahlan. In hot pursuit are 4 Dharan soldiers. Richard and Kahlan are victorious. They head back to Hartland to watch Richard's brother Michael become anointed as first counselor. Michael says some pretty strange things.
When Richard finds his house ransacked and trashed they make their way over to Zed's house.

It is at Zed's house that Richard finds his true destiny, confronts a mob and then sets off on a journey to the Midlands.On the way to passing over to the Midlands our three heroes join up with Chase. On the way over they encounter Harthounds, Adie ( a bonewoman) and Gars. Once they reach the Midlands Richard and Kahlan become guests of the Mudpeople and eventually are initiated. From their they journey to Shota the witch to here her prophecies and then finally over to Queen Milena's to get the third box of Orden. This journey has Richards coming to terms with the sword of truth and learning how to use it. Along the way Kahlan will reveal her secrets and let Richard in on why despite the fact that the two people love each other they can never be together.

Darken Rahal is a blond haired blue eyed monster who bears a long held grudge against Zed for killing his father Panis Rahl. He wants to find the Book of Counted Shadows and the last box so he he can rule the world. He is cruel and not above deceiving children and killing them in order to reach his goals. He has some dark secrets regarding Richard as well which are revealed at the end of the story.

After Shota's visit they come to Queen Milena's who had the Box of Orden but thanks to Giller ( A wizard) and Rachel ( princesses abuse playmate)the box of Orden is liberated from the Castle. Richard gets himself captured and trained by the Mord Sith only to be released. In the end their is a confrontation between good and evil that is solved by wit and wisdom rather then battle.

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