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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Messiah's from Another World

The Law of NinesThe Law of Nines by Terry Goodkind
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On some other world perhaps thousands of years ago Richard Rahl defeated Jagang's forces by exiling all those people to the planet Earth. Earth is a place without magic, Earth is a place of technology and electricity. Along with those from Jagang's forces came a bunch of Rahls who were magically ungifted. For many a year the planet of Richard Rahls had lived in peace, but he is long dead and a new leader Radell Cain has arisen and want to obliterate magic so he can conger the planet.

In comes Alexander Rahl, a down on his luck artist, just happens to cross the street in times to see a pirate plumbing truck drive recklessly down the street. He saves a hot chick named Jax Amnell. (I did not think there would be any Amnell's left) . It also happens to be his 27th birthday. The same age that his mother went insane. Thinks start happening for Alexander. Someone buys his painting but scrawls profanity all over it before returning it. His grandfather tells him about an inheritance and a whole bunch of land loaded with stipulations. Everything is connected to nines. His birthday, age, the floor his mother is on in the Mental institution.

Turns out that Jax is from another planet, Richard's planet as is Radell Caine and his henchmen who like to break necks and spy on people through mirrors. They can also appear out of no where. They want to capture Alexander and learn the secret of the gateway that connects the two worlds. Individual travel can be done but they cannot bring anything with them. The Gateway will allow Raddel Cain to bring Earthen Technology through. Easy conquest once Richard's world is stripped of magic. The key of course lies on the land Alexander is about to inherit, more specifically castle rock. Jax and Alexander are not alone in their quest to stop the bad guys. The Dagget trust was aware of everything an try to help Alexander but in the end it is his skills area warrior that will help win the day.

Seems that Terry's strength lies in writing sci fi like the fair presented in this book. In read this in two days and was hooked. This could well translate into a movie. There are two things though. First off names like Raddel and Jax, couldn't he find something more believable. Jax Amnell, I thought Kahlan was the last Amnell or at least the last confessor. Who knows.

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