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Friday, February 1, 2013

Solwaris Elven Ritual

Calling the Quarters Walk to the Edge of the altar and hold up the appropriate object. "I call to foormen , the north I invite it's power and strength to fill my weary bones. Dwarven folk I beckon thee Folk of Durin ohj you masters of metal craft makers of fine Jewel and weapon I call out to thee and say Aiya" Hold up stone "I call to Romen out in the east from where the sunrises my eyes will look. I call lout to the elves bringersw of wisdom and beauty to the Middle Earth, your departure has saddened me. Hail and return Aiya" Hold up the Athame "I call out Hyarmen, the fiery south, Oh sacred flame warm my bones after the great winter dread. Hobbits friendly folk of the south kindred souls of joy, travel forward. Aiya" Hold up Wand "I call too Numen in the West, let the water of love parch my love dehydrated heart, Vanyar I call to thee your the first and smallest of the tol Erresea across the Western Sea. I bid thee join my circle Aiya" Hold up the chalice. Light a silver candle in Nienna's honor "Nienna lady of mourning we wake after the long winter sleep as if revived from the dead. Let us feel the warmth of your tears. revive us and bring life to our weary bones. We long to to feel the return of summer heat. Oh lady let your tears of sorrow brinng us great healiing" Ligfht the Incense "Lady Nienna crying one with healing tears the incense is lit as an offering and an honor unto thee." Let the Ritual begin "Winter has left her cold mark upon the land and she has left a cold mark upon our souls. the memories are rising with the depth of the the mind. From a long ago time the mist is starting to clear. the music long since forgotten of the Ainur is singing in our soul. Sad memories are recalled. Melkor once the favorite has gotten drunk wit the elixir of power. He corrupts the song of the Ainur causing damage ot Illuvatar's Arda. but Niena is no stranger to pain. She weeps for the damage done to Arda. She knows our pain and she weeps for our pain. Deep down trhe pain throbs. Only tears of her mourning can heal us . Take us beyond the halls of Mandos. Let us linger in the halls of waiting. Our lifes in Middle Earth are filled with pain and sorrow. Great lady we are in need of empathy, we are in need of compassion. Bring us your teaching show us in dreams. Teach us to pity and empathise with those who are less fortunate then us. Show us how to endure when the times are tough and we just want to quit. teach to open those portals of inner strength. The winter passes spring is soon reborn. growth occurs. When sadness strike it is tears that provide the nourishing wet for new life to grow. You wept upon the mound of Ellozhar and you made the two tree of Valinor to grow. And when Ungfoliant came and broguht forth her destruction it was your tears that washed away the spider's filth. Your tears broght forth the sun and the moon. I look to the sky and I remember your compassion. You are a Vala of compassion you speak on behalf of prisoner efvven of those undeserving. You give second chances you advocate for the repentant. Hold on to something that you can transfer some painful event into or some sin that causes you guilt. Visualize it transfering into the object. Say one of these prayers. feel free to cry it lets out the negative emotion so it can be replaced with positive . "Of the sorrow and the pain that dwells with in my heart, for those who have done me wrong You are now forgiven. I shed my tears and now I am free." throw the object into the fire. or say "My sins have held me back for too long. Nienna I have asked/will ask forgiveness to those whom I have wronged. Hardest of all is to forgive myself. Vala Nienna help me advocate for me help me obtain the forgiveness that I seek, hhelp me to forgive myself. I vow to do my best to never commit these wrongs again." throw your object in the fire. take time to meditate or commune with Niena/ close the ritual "Vala Nienna your tears have washed over me I have let go of my pain. Greatful am I for the tears you shed in the halls of waiting. Vala of healing I bid thee farewell. Laita Hold up your chalice "Numen where the sun sets in the west, Holy vanyar I bid thee thanks for your presence this night Fare thee well and safe journeys back to your won realm Laita." Hold up the Wand Hyarmen, fiery south rejuvenator of cold bones, Dear Hobbits from the Shire I am greatful for your prescence this eve. i bid you fond farewell. Laita Hold Up Athame "Romen , realm of the east where the morrning son will rise. Shining Elves you teachers of mankind, I am greatful for your presecence. Now with sorrow i bid you farewell, safe journey back to your realm. Laita Hold up stone "Formen, stable and solid north, Stalwart dwarves, hearty and strong Your prescence I am greatful for . Now I must must bid thee fare well. Safe travels back to your realm.

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