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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Invocation of the Dragon

Internal powers awaken Call forth the powers of the morning and the dawn. Inner powers, sleeping dragon awaken thou self as I command reveal my inner potential and let it take form. I am pure power, I am pure charm I am the magnetic that draws forward all that I desire My spirit drinks with the serpent from the grail....great wisdom is awakened The soul is beckoned from the cauldron of the cthonic earth... the mystery of the soul is revealed. Titanic forces are called welling from with in the primal life force is alive, powerful and breathing Awaken inner dragon if there be order then we shall create chaos and if there be chaos then we shall create order within the madness. birth destruction rebirth all is called forth Chi, prana, fire is belched forth aimed forward at my intent. My dreams shall come true the great primal energy is awaken. Meridian lines of the earth are controlled. Iron from the earth controls and guides the primal energy to where it needs go. The smith is the maker of the iron and the forces of magic bring in the order of things. Let my my dragon breathe forth the air of pneuma comes forwards. Air and spirit are the forces of magic. I call to thee come forward from with in create my dreams and make them come real. airt of air, land, water and fire, oh your spirit I shall summon. Oh spirit of the earth, great hidden dragon, speak thee your words of power. The mouth shall I protect no piercing shall ever enter. Let us fly an work with the wind. And night time fell. Once again the serpent let me drink from it's grail. Wisdom rained down upon my. My spirit evolved Bright gods help me evolve my higher self, Great Titans help the forces of nature evolve and grow. Brights gods you are the fathers and mothers of mankind, great dragon you serve the Cthonic forces. Cauldrons hold elixirs nature, Grails hold the elixir of the wise. From heaven and Olympus the bright ones look down. Nature never dies but is sublimated and controlled for great growth. The gold of dragon is protected. The meme of immortality is circled by flame. the divine life force is encased within the land. Pass the dragon if it is the elixir you desire to taste. Call forth the great alchemist and unit the earthly with the divine. We shall become and evolve into angels In the dragon's blood I breath Impervious to pain I shall never die. Hermaphrodite I call you forward...woman and man, Hermes Aphrodite. Androgynous spirituality carved out from the flesh. Unification of the opposites. Wholeness and completeness. Sun and moon walk the sacred marital isle. From this union the star child is conceived. Great alchemist make me whole conquer and subdue my nature cthonic nature. My divine self must be achieved....bright ones reveal to me my purpose. Make the heavenly skies kiss the grounds of the living earth. My universe revolves around me....not others as so it should be. Truth is not absolute but held within the eyes of the beholder much like the spirit of beauty. I a can see the universe only from my eyes as you see it from yours. My myths are created to conceal the nectar of divine subjective truth. To perform the act of creation fire must be we to water. Life force is manipulated. The divine ones , Annunaki, Nephilim, came to the earth and left their mark. We are all descend from the Gods of old. Divine DNA I command you awaken, I can change the course of fate access the level of divine . great ones awaken the hero within let me do great deeds of valor and be remembered. In the days of old the emerald tablet came down to earth. From it's carving came the holy grail. To taste the wisdom we must obtain the lucifers crown. Morning star evening star, Lucifer and Venus. Inline with sun 8 years, every 5 cycles a perfect sequence. Time is tracked through pentagrams. Oh bringer of light you are the key to wisdom. great serpent your bolts of lightning strike the earth to awaken sentience. give me the serpents kiss. The multicolored peacock brought the serpent unto Eden. Oh Magdalena Star of Venus Descent into water Leviathan great serpent of the sea. Another one eats the roots of Ygdrasil. When it is done the earth shall eat of the death. Great Tiamat sacred Dragon queen great mother of all Commander of sea water. Engage the sacred marriage calling forward with Absu darken fresh water of the deep. His dark water are the nourishment of the souls. Tears come from the well of soul Opening the door to the older dragon. Tears show us empathy they are the words of the older dragon primal emotions from times of old. Fears emanate from my sould, but my spirit will make me brave. It rules over the souls. Still my dragon shall live and express it's very nature but the spirit shall remain in control. To blocksberg Mountain we fly. Come to the sabbat let the dragon loose and experience it's nature. Be one with the spirit of the earth. With great dragon breath I shall change the world. Oh dragon I call you forth. I am the rider in control animal and wisdom united. My thighs are wounded in battle I must now serve the higher good sublimating my desires. Enegy leaves the area of the lower waste and attend to the intellect. blessed shall be I . In service of people and crown. New steps are marched on forward. Great one give me sovereignty unification of earth and heaven. Sacred fish in river, ocean and lake mediate heaven and earth. Cause the impulse of Osiris to rain forth. The drgon are called forward to mediate the divine and earthly. the gods are riding forth on thier dragon day is turning into night and night is turning to day. Let not the great Orebous stop eating it's tail for then all life shall cease. "My hair is Nun My face is Re My eyes are Hathor my ears are Wepwawet my nose is She who prsides over her lotus-leaf My lips are Anubis My molars are Selqet My incisors are Isis the Goddess my arms are the Ram, the Lord of Mendes My breast is Neith, Lady of Sais My back is Seth, My phallus is Osiris My muscles are the Lords of Kheraha My Chest is He who is greatly majestic My belly and my spine are Sekhmet My buttocks are the Eye of Horus My thighs and my calves are Nut My feet are Ptah, My fingers are Orion My toes are living uraei There is no part of me that is not of the Gods"

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elena chayka said...

I love love love this invocation, words of wisdom


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