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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Money Magic

Money MagicMoney Magic by Deborah Price

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The author Deborah Price is a money coach, yet her approach to finances is similiar to that of therapist. She has great insight into the minds of people and how they think. How people think affects their relationship to money. Most of us harbor negative feelings towards money. Many harbor the attitude that money is dirty or that it is the root of all of today's problems. If someone is wealthy they run the risk of being labeled as greedy or dishonest. We all carry around within us some anxiety when it comes to money. Living in constant anxiety of not having enough we try to control or money and get as much of it as we can. Those who are wealthy do not find themselves immune to worries. Many try to protect their money from those who would take it and there is pressure to invest it wisely. Whether we like it or not money is a living force and it is time we woke up to that fact.

How much money we have, material goods we aquire and our job define who we are and our self worth. People wear themselves out trying to obtain material goods they do not and want only because society tells them they want it. It is high to confront this attitude and change it. Our self worth should be measured in terms of gifts and abilities. Many folks assess their worth in terms of assets and saving. The author has a new way that involves internal gifts, accomplishments and actual hour spent achieving goals. Money is not the bottom line.

Our relationship to money is largely determined by our personal history with money and our collective history with money. Our personal history relates more to our upbringing and our parents relationship with money. Whether one likes to realize it or not we inherit our attitudes about money from our parents. There is also a collective history humanity has with money. Around the time of the Greeks a nation.called the Lydians started using something called money which took the place of bartering. The Greeks used it and it extended their influence. The Romans also made use of money. Money became a living force with which wars were fought over. It was these wars that formulated our negative attitude towards money. We have made money a God and we have surrendered all our power to the almighty dollar.

The book gives over 8 archetypes in dealing with money. The ultimate is the money magician. The first archetype is the innocent. The innocent has no knowledge of money and their way of dealing with things is to let other people make theif decisions for them. 2) The victim feels they have been screwed over by the world or someone and they tend to be rather resentful. 3) The martyr feels that they have given of themselves greatly and they want be compensated. 4) The warrior type sets out to conquer money. They tend to be real competitive and view competitors as foes. They also like to handle all the finances. 5) The fool type tends to be rather restless and undisciplined. The fool is very adventurous and confident. The fool lives for the day. 6) The creator artist type tends to be rather detached and not really into material items. They can be loners and enjoy spirituality. 7) The tyrant is very controlling, rigid and manipulative. They use money to control other people. 8) Last there is the magician who is energetic, balanced and darn good with money.

How does one become a magician? The answer is spiritual. One must pray to God and have faith. The magician does their best to follow their destiny. As they say let go and let God.

Over all great book. The author prompts the reader to examine his or her issues and how they pertain to money. The stories in the book serve to illustrate the lessons that the author is trying to teach. The exercises at the end of the chapter help the reader with personal growth. My favorite was the 60 day prosperity plan.
Here is the plan

1) make a gratitude list
2) create a wish list
3) Create a sacred altar that pertains to what you wish to manifest
4) Spend a few minutes before your altar meditating praying,reading your lists and lighting a candle to connect with spirit.

5) Keep track of your negative thoughts. Right them down and then say (This belief does not suit my purposes I will not house this thought in my head any longer.

6) Avoid people with negative money attitudes and behaviors.

7) Keep a 100 dollar bill in your wallets to reinforce prosperous thinking.
8) practice generousity.
9) choose a sacred witness to observe your actions and discuss your progress with.

10) surrender your fears in writing to God.

11) Look in the mirror and remind yourself there is more than what is seen on the surface.

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