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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cornish Witchcraft

Traditional Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of WaysTraditional Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of Ways by Gemma Gary

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Traditional Witchcraft and Cornish Witch craft are becoming increasingly popular these days. Thank goodness we have writers like Gemma Gary writing books to help guide the interested seeker in learning about these traditions. Cunning craft really is an evolving craft. Witchcraft is one that constantly changes and is able to meet the needs of the modern day. Each cunning person or crafter will practice there craft differently. When examining the craft you will notice regional variations as well. In a nutshell no two practioners practice the craft in the same way. Cunning craft can be learned by the ore traditional avenue of an apprentice teacher , which is most likely the best way . But for the sincere student there are other avenues like books and even the spirits of the land teaching the student.

Cornsih witchcraft differs sharply from Wicca in many ways. For one there is more emphasis on the Bucca or the horned god who has in reality two or three aspects pending on how you look at it. The Bucca Gwiddyn who is called the light Bucca or life bringer is responsible for regeneration and birth. He is active during the spring months, summer months and part of fall up until what we know as Samhain. From Samhain through the winter months the black Bucca or Bucca Dhu is in charge. He is responsible for death, sleep, hibernation and taking away things that are old. He is often compared to or has correspondences with the Devil and Odin and his wild hunt who escort the souls of the dead to the underworld. In the commplete phase there is the complete Bucca who is androgynous with characteristics of both male and female. He encompasses all.

Faeries are considered shades of the dead. There has been a lot of questions about faeries. They can be helpful like the brownie but if disrespected they will leave or play tricks on you. Spriggans guard treasures while knocker protect miners working in the mines.

Cornish magic is about results which is different from modern neo pagan spirituality which focuses on spiritual growth and religious concerns. The Cunning person often dealt with charms for curing or preventing sickness, gaining wealth or crop blessing, cursing and protecting from curses. People would come to the cunning person's cottage in the spring to have charms renewed. Often times the chyarms were sigils, sewn bags and herbs.

Being in nature is a big and important part of the craft. Walking though nature and gathering up energy from teh Red Serpent is a big part of the craft. THe best places to gether this energy or sprawl from places like streams, caves, wells and other power places up to and including graveyards.

Teh book is an excellent intro into teh cunning craft. It lists the tools and the furry nights o0r celebrations. While they correspond with Wiccan holidays they have a rather different name. The author gives directrions on dedications to teh Bucca and how to make differnt recipes and listsd the tools. Great book to get started with.

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